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UnCategorized Bamboo shades can add elegance to any window in your home. The materials used to manufacture these window treatments have unique color and variations in colors and texture add beauty to every window. Bamboo shades are carefully constructed from beautiful wood, rattan, jute, grass & reeds. Sometimes they are also called woven shades. These window treatments bring the beauty of nature indoors and are full of rich textures, beautiful colors and natural style. In addition, they are environmentally sound and provide insulation against summer’s heat and winter’s cold. These two factors alone combine to make these window treatments a beautiful and practical choice for any home. There are some wonderful features of bamboo; such as they are generally made of intricate and delicate fibers of wood, which are woven together to get the finest quality of window treatments. There are also, several colors in which these bamboo shades are available. Right from bleached white to dark wood, one will get every different color in these shades. They also come in natural colorations and markings. An important consideration with these window treatments it that no chemical finishes or stains are used. If the window shades are made of bamboo, there are little chances of damage to the color from light, so there is no need for chemical finishes. These green products are in fact a better alternative to the conventional choices. These are eco friendly and are completely made up of recyclable materials so that they can be recycled later. Compared to any other wooden products, bamboo has undergone very little processing and is quite durable. Bamboo is actually the fastest growing grass unlike the trees. They contribute towards the growth of a healthy environment. Bamboo shades are also available in different styles, which include roll up shades and roman shades. Roll up shades are a popular style, and just as the name suggests, they roll up to allow light in. The Roman shades lift in folds, creating an open look with a nice visual style and when opened, these shades look like pleats. To enhance the decor of your home as well as get ultimate comfort and light control, bamboo shades are the ideal alternative. The options are endless whether you want a standard horizontal shade or if you want to purchase vertical shades you can find what you want. No window covering product can transform the look and feel of your room like bamboo shades. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: