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Sichuan new five National Water Conservancy Scenic Area — the Travel Channel original title: Sichuan new five National Water Conservancy Scenic Area to a mountain with green, glittering, picturesque, this is a lot of people have been to the Water Conservancy Scenic Area after feeling. In Sichuan, visitors will add 5 new places. In September 9th, the WCC reporter from the national Ministry of Water Conservancy Scenic Office informed the official website, the Ministry of water resources, first announced the sixteenth batch of 59 National Water Conservancy Scenic area. Among them, Sichuan province has 5 Water Conservancy Scenic Area on the list, respectively is the Xichang Qionghai Water Conservancy Scenic Area, Luzhou Dam Water Conservancy Scenic Area, Ganzi zequhe River Water Conservancy Scenic Area, southern Nanchong Hongyanzi Lake Water Conservancy Scenic Area and Guang’an mountain Tianchi Lake Scenic area. According to data provided by the Sichuan Provincial Water Resources Bureau, as of now, Sichuan has accumulated 36 National Water Conservancy Scenic Area, planning area of 7100 square kilometers. Scenic spot ranked seventh in the country, the first in the west. In addition, the province has successfully created the Provincial Water Conservancy Scenic Area 59, planning area of 1954 square kilometers, there are more than and 20 scenic spots to declare review, covering the province’s major rivers and lakes, irrigation, soil erosion area key. Water Conservancy Scenic Area, refers to the water (water) or water conservancy project, landscape resources and environmental conditions have a certain scale and quality, can carry out tourism, entertainment, leisure, vacation or science, culture and education activities of the region. Water Conservancy Scenic Spot plays an extremely important role in the maintenance of engineering safety, water conservation, ecological protection, improve the living environment, and promote regional economic development. Water Conservancy Scenic Area is divided into the reservoir type, wetland type, natural lakes, rivers and lakes, and irrigation area of city soil and water conservation type six. For example, this time appear in the list of the Xichang Qionghai Water Conservancy Scenic Area, belong to the natural lake type. ((Yang Chen): Feng Yatao, even pure commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: