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Spark plug damage to the car, how to maintain replacement? Sohu car aside some of new energy vehicles, pure electric aside, now most of the vehicles on the road or the use of the internal combustion engine as a power source, we all know that a car engine is the heart, and for a single engine ignition operation can all rely on a call — the "spark plug". What is a spark plug first clear, diesel engine by way of compression ignited fuel, so there is no spark plug, while gasoline can only rely on the heat, so the gasoline engine is a spark plug, mainly by the connection screw, nut, insulator, wiring, electrode and the center electrode side shell. Two, the role of the spark plug ignition coil produced by electric spark plug into the fire, the spark plug at the bottom of the positive and negative gap spark to ignite the air-fuel mixture in the cylinder. The main effect of three, 1 vehicles damaged spark plug lead to short cylinder spark plug once damaged, it will make a cylinder cannot be ignited normally, this reaction in a small number of cylinder engine is obvious (for example, 3 cylinder and 4 cylinder engine), the engine will be severe shaking, a serious decline in power. 2 lead vehicle emissions exceed the standard damaged spark plug will not work when the nozzle is sprayed into the cylinder, gasoline without combustion will make the engine exhaust components changed significantly (when driving computer will exceed the standard), alarm, each sensor is not working properly. 3 the vehicle can not driving spark plug damaged in some causes, such as short circuit, continue to use the ignition system is likely to damage the engine, the other spark plugs may not work properly, so the car will not start, only a major overhaul of the. Four, how to maintain and change the spark plug spark plug directly into the cylinder, long-term work in high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosive environment, so there is a loss of goods, of course, it is not delicate so many people. 1 spark plug life according to the most common type of resistance to distinguish, the service life of the spark plug is about 20 thousand kilometers, about 40 thousand km platinum spark plugs, iridium spark plugs can be used about 6 to 80 thousand kilometers. But pay attention to! Do not be fooled, not the more expensive spark plug on the car the better, the general performance of the family car is not necessary to spend a lot of money with your spark plug, the car will not have any improvement in performance. 2 is the maintenance of the spark plug can we all know that in addition to the filter and other routine maintenance, but also can remove the spark plug cleaning, if the replacement cycle of the spark plug, the car does not appear such as what missing cylinder, jitter, cold start difficulties, emissions exceed the standard, power loss and other problems, is not necessary to remove the cleaning after all, this is a technology live, this can let foreign body into the engine. If the car is all normal, do not listen to the 4S shop to clean the spark plug plug this kind of project, are wronged money. Buy a car car, answer attention WeChat public number: my car on a small series have been lined up, waiting for you!相关的主题文章: