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Health This looks like a double sided question if I ever seen one. People are always looking for the magic pill that will cure all their problems. If you are looking for the quick easy answer, better stop right here and keep surfing the net for the snake oil charlatan, my friend. Now, for the serious people. First of all what are supplements? Like the name implies, supplements are meant to supplement or complement BUT are not meant to replace something. If you put additive in your oil to make it a better performing oil for you car, would you replace it completely with additive? Quite obvious. Same thing with the supplements. The question most people ask is" But if I am eating a balanced diet, do I need supplements?" One answer would be: Every person is unique with different metabolism and need. By the way, the difference between a balanced diet and a diet full of high quality nutrients is huge. You could have a balanced diet with low quality food and think you are doing ok. The supplements could be your friend and could be a waste of money too. Lets say you are a nervous person with a lot of stress. You are burning vitamin B like if it’s going out of style. You could eat more food with B complex, but since you are burning twice as much as a regular non-stressed out person, then I would suggest a natural supplement of the B complex to help you out. Some will go for the safe approach of taking a bunch of multivitamins " just in case". Well I would say if you are doing it over a long period of time you are flushing money down the drain so to speak. City water filter systems are full of cheap undigested multivitamins. You would be better off to revise your diet and improve on the quality of food you are taking on a daily basis. A low quality diner at a fast food restaurant with a multivitamin to top it off won’t cut it, you are fooling yourself. Some people will take a supplement of iron. Depending on which type of iron you are taking, it can be hard on your system especially if you are taking too much of it. Instead why not increase you daily intake of greenly leaves vegetables? Broccoli and spinach for example have a high iron content and believe me you wont get sick because of an overdose of iron with them. This is all natural iron the way nature intended your system to absorb it. You have to remember that when absorbing a vitamin or a mineral they all interact with each other on a very subtle level and that is important. Taking only supplements or multivitamins won’t give you that perfect interaction. So, to resume briefly, I would say it is ok to take supplements to complement a need for a while. But don’t rely only on them to secure a healthy life. There are many other elements involved here. Good organic food full of nutrients is one of them for sure, but keeping fit and having a positive attitude towards life sure does make a huge difference in you overall health. So use your common sense, smile at life and eat well first. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: