The 16258th phase prediction of lottery 3D prime code – temperature force of Sohu w-inds.

The 16258th phase: prediction of lottery 3D prime code – temperature force Sohu 3D 2016257th lottery lottery number: 976, six groups of morphology, size ratio of 3:0, parity ratio of 2:1, and the value of 22, a span of 3. 3D2016258 lottery experts predict number: Number: the warm temperature code freeze, fell to 0, from nearly 10 the number of frequency, the next period to prevent prime codes temperature force. Quality prediction: the last issue of lottery results is 976, mass ratio of 1:2, analysis of the recent mass numerical omission trend, is expected to enhance the latest 258 prime trend. 012: 2016257 ratio 012 road 2:1:0, according to the number of this trend, period 0, 2 personal views about the number. Mean index: the average value of the previous period rose to 7 points, the recent change in the mean amplitude is small, it is recommended that this period to abandon the 0-2 range of decimal mean. Size ratio: the 257 phase of the award by the size of the proportion of 3:0 distribution, the number of large number of advantages, the latest 258 note that the top 1 small form back to fill相关的主题文章: