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UnCategorized Whether you are a self employed professional or business owner, you are bound to have a great deal of business correspondence and stationery requirements such as Invoices, Quotations, Business cards, Receipts, flyer printing, calendars, catalogs, etc. These are all items that can help you in branding your services as a professional or your .pany as a business owner. That means your name, logo, .pany name and contact details have to be out there for promotional purposes and will be repeated in envelops and other collaterals. And the first step for you is to initiate letterhead printing. It all Begins with the Letterhead Your letterhead is the first point of contact between you and your prospective client. The prospective client’s first impression about you or your .pany will be based on your letterhead. The image that you want to project will be reflected in the look and feel of your letterhead. So before you start your letterhead printing you must keep certain requirements in mind. The .ponents of a Letterhead Any letterhead .prises certain basic elements such as the logo, your or your .pany’s name, address, phone, and fax and email details. The logo/symbol is what .es first before the other elements in your letterheads and is the most important in terms of branding. Frequent use of your logo will ensure that it achieves top of mind recall and it should reach a stage where some one just has to see the logo, in isolation, to know whom it represents. Before you finalize your letterhead printing you must remember that a good logo design should establish different qualities about you or your .pany such as the product or sphere of activity involved in, and other positive attributes such as quality consciousness, integrity, strength and stability. What does your Letterhead say about you? Does your letterhead clearly reflect your product or services? Does it project what you or your .pany stands for? Does it create the right kind of image? Will a prospective client want to do business with you or your .pany after seeing the letterhead for the first time? These are all questions you must ask your self before you finalize the design and start your letterhead printing. You must not forget that your letterhead is your brand ambassador. How to use your letterhead A letterhead has multiple uses and benefits. Apart from regular correspondence, you can send it out to pitch for business to prospective clients. You can print your estimates on it and raise your invoices if you don’t have a separate invoice pad. And you can repeat the design and content of your letterhead in other print material. Over a period of time, people you deal with will start associating you or your .pany with the design and will not need any prompting to identify you or your .pany. So do remember the great advantages of this branding exercise before you start your letterhead printing. It can make a world of difference to your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: