The blind woman lived with her son for 20 years

The blind woman and her son live with the corpse for 20 years: he moved out of the original title: with his son’s body to live for the past 20 years, the blind woman thought he moved out to live in Rita · the home of the house of Wolf Finsen. (source: U.S. media) New York Broolyn a woman blind for many years, recently the police found accumulation in her family had the body of a man, and the dead is likely for her missing son. 15 this month, Rita · Wolf Finsen Hussein fell to the hospital at home. Her brother’s wife came home to help her finish things and found a male corpse, then the alarm. The man lying on a mattress on the floor,. The police said that this was a neatly dressed "skeleton", or for 20 years. The old woman had a hoarding, and her family was full of junk. At present, the remains of the identity has not yet been officially confirmed, but police believe it should be the body of Wolf Finsen’s son. Wolf Finsen had two sons, one died in 2003, when he was only 38 years old. Another son, Lewis, should be close to 50, but has not been seen for over 20 years. After investigation, the police believe that Wolf Finsen is likely not to know that she lives with her son’s body. The room where the body is, full of trash and cobwebs, has a lot of food to eat, but no rotting smell. Police said Wolf Finsen thought his son moved out of the house. The police also said that the family Wolfson like the movie "Psycho" (Psycho) is so terrible, it’s all garbage. Source: China Daily Save Save Save editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: