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"Challenge the impossible 2" Lee Hom "was recorded programs of blood – Entertainment Sohu   Lee Hom volunteered to request blood Sohu to build their own entertainment news by CCTV integrated channel large inspirational challenge program" challenge impossible "in the second quarter in late October 30th eight strong return in CCTV-1. In addition to Sa Beining continue to serve as the host, the famous musician Lee Hom will be the first to join the jury, and Qing Dong Winfrey, Chinese detective Li Changyu witnessed a new "impossible". The second quarter of the first phase of the program, the "grassroots" blood rescue dogs challenge actually cited Lee Hom initiative seeking blood ";" the Russian world lung protection challenge Molchanov deep-sea diving 130 meters. The tension of the challenge, Qing Dong, Lee Hom, together with the performance of the big jump rope caused a collective cheering the audience of the whole scene of the whole world. "Blood dogs" ten tons "a drop of water for the sample" Lee Hom recorded programs "seek blood" dog training expert Li Weifu from the Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau with blood dogs "grassroots" to "challenge the impossible" in the second quarter of the stage. They want to challenge the project is already facing the 2000 trillion times diluted samples of blood and blood sniffing, find the target from the 15 cars, is a successful challenge. In the face of constantly diluted target blood. With 42 years of experience in the training of police dog Li Weifu also bluntly this challenge is really difficult, but Qing Dong also constantly exclaimed this challenge is almost "harsh". In the process of collecting blood samples, Sa Beining launched a "blood donation volunteers" to the site collection work, Lee Hom volunteered to require pumping their own blood supply of "grassroots" to challenge, and take the initiative to blood stage. "Grassroots" and his master in the face of challenges can be completed? The challenge is about to begin… And the tension of the challenge is also a guest’s interest. Sa Beining and Qing Dong, Lee Hom, and three guests, even off the gang together to play on the fancy rope skipping, the age of the total number of 200 years of age by the hands of the rope of a variety of child abuse in the". The interest is not reduced by Qing Dong xiaosa praised the "like a butterfly," Dr. Li Changyu, 78 years old to jump rope light like a young, small scatter by skipping "repeated face audience uproarious. Xiaosa wronged shouting "give me a look today is not the almanac skipping, I have been hit two times!" The 78 year old Chinese detective Li Changyu sentence "on a rope is small and 70 years ago" scared the side to kneel help. But Lee, such as a teenager’s easy to jump so that the scene broke out enthusiastic applause, and even Sa Beining had to sigh, China’s 80 year old like Dr. Lee so good!" "The world’s iron lung" 100 meters deep sea diving like car body "spring leg" skipping only pick five junior national champion from Guangdong, 15 year old Cen Xiao Lin is "the fastest skipping" world record holder, had recently held in the G20 summit, the "spring leg" stunt skipping Cen Lin because of its fast and steady shocked leaders. In the first stage of the second season of "impossible challenge", Xiao lin!相关的主题文章: