The end of AIDS collection the need for more on the policy and knowledge liuxiaobo

The end of AIDS collection: the need for more on the policy and common sense is a popular editorial five mixed news, according to reports, in Chinese debt collection on the market, the emergence of a new type of "AIDS collection", the psychological fear of AIDS due to misunderstanding and common sense to pay the rent, "said as long as we go, or no money", "playing psychological warfare". The AIDS collection team, last seen with similar occupation characteristics of news, or AIDS demolitions team, is also the fear and knowledge of AIDS by the lack of people, forced householders to move, is also said to be tested. AIDS patients, from social vulnerable to Kaoshanchishan, own equipment development, incredibly. But in fact, the establishment of the premise of the so-called "new industry", based on public knowledge about AIDS and the lack of communication on the misunderstanding of AIDS transmission, has confirmed that include sexual contact, blood transmission and mother to child transmission. Daily life contact, such as shaking hands, hugging, chatting, eating together, sharing public goods and so on will not spread aids. Because of the lack of common sense, which makes the HIV infection and patient participation, the logic may ask for payment demolitions. Listen to the collection team to the media about AIDS, many HIV infected persons and patients by early 90s of last century "plasma economy" and became ill, "the blood curse" come from, "our body is weak, can not find other work, AIDS and social discrimination, largely from the lack of common sense. But to some extent it can be said that the "AIDS collection" itself, but also in people’s misunderstanding and use common sense, but also exacerbated the people on AIDS discrimination and misunderstanding. Vicious spiral, revenge. AIDS news collection, let a person of unknown Li Jue and more than that, for this new social phenomenon, some industry experts said, the urgent need to establish the non-performing assets classification system and standard, "if there is a clear classification of non-performing assets, debt collection agencies can put some, take the process of operation. To improve the collection efficiency, so as to achieve rapid development, squeeze out violent collection, collection and other AIDS patients survival soil". It is very strange logic, where it can be seen from the establishment of non-performing asset classification standard, can squeeze out the "AIDS collection" the survival of the soil? A difficult, conventional methods do not work, you re classification of non-performing assets, as long as people on AIDS knowledge of AIDS is still a misunderstanding, may still be very effective means, who squeeze who, really hard to say. Debt collection industry chaos pot, AIDS patients and No. The use of HIV infection and the patient was, on the one hand is the Tao Zhang demolitions, lack of public knowledge of AIDS, on the other hand, is more of a legal problem. The ways of the spread of AIDS and Dun, demolitions do comparison will find that only the blood transmission possibility threaten the safety of others, and once in the blood spread to become possible, demolitions or debts worth mentioning, has no longer in the knowledge level, and may even involve criminal punishment. The use of AIDS patients and to investigate the collection, dismantling, can be handled according to the law, but returned to this group of poor]相关的主题文章: