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The Guangzhou auto show concept: new energy, Internet car compared with the share of economic power – Sohu technology Sohu technology from the cross media observation mission with previous show, in addition to the usual variety of eye-catching new models and beautiful beautiful models, this year’s Guangzhou auto show, more add a little smart and jumping, the exhibition hall has emerged a new technology of the atmosphere. The new configuration is not only the auto show more attractive, new energy, automatic driving, car networking, big data technologies such as the brand at present and in the future various types of car adds a new dimension, has also become a focus of the audience especially young owners concerned. So, new energy vehicles and new technology products experience always get the favour of visitors, the exhibition in the SAIC released three Internet car All seats are occupied. many people standing, watching the entire conference. This year’s Guangzhou auto show, presented three characteristics: first, almost every manufacturer has even a variety of new energy vehicle, it can get a glimpse of the development trend of the industry; second, the Internet car this new category is growing, SAIC breath released three models of Internet new car sales, before make SAIC confidence third, the economy is being shared; automobile manufacturers attention, the major automobile manufacturers have also actively layout travel market. On these three points, the following exposition. The new energy automobile manufacturers darling, the major enterprises or hybrid or pure electric push the first three quarters of this year, the new energy vehicles showed a high growth rate of 122%, even if the policy has been changed, there are still many car companies to join the queue, even Dong Mingzhu will enter the new energy automotive industry. The trend of China’s current serious waste of resources and the environment is relatively poor, the application of new energy in the future will become the mainstream. Therefore, the major car companies are exploring the introduction of its energy products, including pure electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. FAW Volkswagen launched the Audi A6L e-tron, which is the first Sino German joint development, the hybrid electric vehicle market for specialized R & D China; Guangzhou Honda accord launched a hybrid version, equipped with a set consisting of 2 Atkinson i-MMD engine and electric motor hybrid power system; Dongfeng Honda released platinum Rui is also equipped with a hybrid version, similar to the Honda accord i-MMD hybrid system; SAIC has just released Roewe series second Internet car eRX5, a plug-in hybrid design, EDU intelligent power transmission drive is known as "the world’s three largest hybrid technique; Beijing Hyundai Sonata or exhibition last year old a weak hybrid models; Chery and BAIC will launch a pure electric vehicles Chery S51 EV and Beiqi EH300. In addition, Lexus UX, Mercedes Benz EQ, Buick Velite hybrid and pure electric vehicle concept has also unveiled. There are more car prices of new energy vehicles, no longer cited here. Car companies get together to launch a new energy vehicles, will undoubtedly prove the next global vehicle development trend at the same time, green, energy saving and environmental protection is also an eternal topic, an important part in the global strategy of sustainable development. At the same time, the new energy vehicles, but also相关的主题文章: