The League of heroes qualifying mode re open – People’s network game

"Hero alliance" qualifying mode to re open the game — on 1 September, "Heroes union" officially announced on the 30 day, due to the serious defects of the cross matching failure appears limited Dan qualifying qualifying mode, the regional qualifying emergency shutdown (qualifying closed during dormancy, wins points attenuation the mechanism will also be closed). After locating and repairing of the defects, the official announced 31 qualifying campaign mode, is now fully restricted cross Dan repair, in August 31st 13:00 opened the whole region qualifying qualifying mode. To protect the user experience please note: 1, the end of the season (the awarding time) will be based on the qualifying closed long postponed 1 days, so that summoners have enough time for qualifying awards. 2, all qualified during the qualifying period has logged on to the summoner, will have to receive compensation props (victory gold card) qualifications, specific compensation for the time to pay attention to the official website announcement. Note: re open qualifying qualifying mode after qualifying games for the protection of fair competition, the team will make the following restrictions: Diamond 5 to update the master Dan highest team for the number 2, the strongest King Dan game player will only play a single row. (commissioning editor Shen Guangqian and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: