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Delivery, those "hardly wished to live." embarrassing things – if we can timely Sohu maternal perineal incision, then it wouldn’t have sequela, also good wound treatment. Delivery: 7 things you have described hardly wished to live. "women, children suffering like a truck running back and forth about several times… And must face up to a group of strangers. Do you know that there are embarrassing things waiting for you: first, you have to shave pubic hair before delivery, there will be a special nurse to shave the pubic hair for women. The medicine called skinpreparation is to reduce postpartum or after infection. Because the pubic hair easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices caused by bacterial infection. In the past, in the production of the full shave, in modern times, some doctors only shave half or even 13. Two, you are the nurse will check the cervical finger into the vagina, to measure the use of fingers, this process is most afraid of production for many women, this process is not comfortable, the purpose is to understand the cervical open situation, to accurately determine the time into the delivery room, generally to 10 cm will enter the delivery room. The reason why nurses have to check is to find out more about the location of the fetus. It is not good for a lot of expectant mothers to go to the delivery room with two or three fingers. There are family members in the labour room, much easier than in the delivery room. Three, may be delivered by a male doctor husband outside the specific see the most intimate place is awkward, but in fact do not think too much, they would see paralysis will not have what feeling, please believe that they are professional, give yourself to them. Male doctor is also good, with their strength is greater than female doctors, in dealing with unexpected situations more calm and help give birth smoothly. Four, the lower part of the body at the time of birth is not in nature’s garb stripped off in nature’s garb, but underwear, wearing a similar dress lactation clothes, if not take off underwear, doctors all the operations will not start, the baby will not be delivered smoothly. As a mother, the first consideration should be the safety of the baby, when necessary, temporary sacrifice yourself, medical staff is very professional, please use a healthy state of mind to face. Five, cut the vulva when the delivery of fetal head diameter of about 10 cm, because the fetus head size, there will be a lot of new mothers will have different degree of perineal laceration; once the laceration, postpartum will leave many sequelae. If you can timely episiotomy, it will not cause sequelae, the wound is also relatively good treatment. Six, the pregnant mother often constipation enema is a problem, which has often constipation feces accumulate in the intestinal tract, the sigmoid colon is located in the upper left pelvic bone, because there are a large number of intestinal fecal accumulation, smooth down childbirth often affect fetal head and internal rotation, so as to obstruct the progress of labor. So once in, it should enema, to remove intestinal feces, reduce the birth canal resistance. Seven, you will incontinence after epidural anesthesia, anal sphincter becomes paralyzed, pregnant women’s control of the stool will weaken. Also on the bed.相关的主题文章: