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The monkey opened three positive stock index over the baby – Sohu news Metropolis Daily News, Metropolis Daily News (reporter Xu Yu) yesterday morning stock index between 2800-2850 showed rangebound trend, near the late, Shanghai refers to break through the 20 day moving average and a firm, in one fell swoop past 2850 "baby bottom". A shares have appeared for three consecutive trading days over 100 points rebound, entering the 2850 point pressure area, is expected to appear consolidation in this position. At the close, the stock index at 2867.34 points, or 1.08%; the Shenzhen Component Index at 10161.77 points, or 1.16%. Volume continued to enlarge, the two city clinch a deal 569 billion 700 million yuan, compared with the previous trading day to enlarge 69 billion 300 million yuan. On the surface of the stock performance is very eye-catching, a lot of oversold stocks rebound, which indicates that the current market confidence has been restored. AVIC Securities said that after the A shares is not only the external market slump dragged down, but out of rallies, which is expected to exceed the prices so that investors feel the warmth of spring. In general, the bull market has been formed in the imperceptibly, many stocks will gradually from the bottom and the formation of the band rose, short-term stock index 3000 points, 2250 points gem is an important target. Tianfeng securities are cautious. They believe that the index in early trading yesterday repeatedly upside 2850 points late in the failed, led by heavyweights to stand on this point, this perhaps indicates the stock index will compete in the vicinity of 2850 points. Overall, the disk divergence has emerged, the short-term shock is inevitable, it is recommended to continue to maintain medium positions unchanged.

猴年开门三连阳 沪指越过婴儿底-搜狐新闻  楚天都市报讯 楚天都市报讯(记者徐蔚) 昨日早盘沪指在2800-2850之间呈现区间震荡走势,临近尾盘,沪指有效突破20日均线并站稳,一举越过2850点“婴儿底”。A股已经出现连续三个交易日超百点的反弹,进入2850点压力区,预计在这一位置将出现盘整。   截至收盘,沪指报2867.34点,涨幅1.08%;深成指报10161.77点,涨幅1.16%。成交量继续放大,两市成交5697亿元,较上一个交易日放大693亿元。盘面上个股表现十分抢眼,很多超跌个股强势反弹,这充分表明目前市场信心有所恢复。   中航证券表示,节后的A股不但没有被外围市场的暴跌所拖累,反而走出了大涨行情,这种超出预期的上涨让投资者感到了春天般的温暖。总的来说,多头行情已在不知不觉中形成,很多个股将逐步脱离底部并形成波段上涨,短期来看沪指3000点、创业板2250点将是重要的目标位。   天风证券则持谨慎态度。他们认为,昨日早盘指数多次上攻2850点无功而返,尾盘在权重股的带动下才站上该点位,这或许预示着沪指将在2850点一带展开争夺。总体来看,盘面分歧已经显现,短期震荡在所难免,建议继续维持中等仓位不变。相关的主题文章: