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The mother of a daughter’s mobile phone at the smashed reason parents pain points have you let the children with intelligent mobile phone? These two days, a forum, a netizen "happy happy" made a post "had smashed the daughter’s mobile phone", has caused a fierce debate — the fifth grade daughter this year, learning achievement is not very good, a little hard grades go down, or she does not concentrate on class attitude. I know she wants to work every night is to finish the homework, so I want to encourage her to buy her a smart mobile phone. In fact, it is also convenient for her to find some information on learning, because the grade five, some of the topics I really can not explain clearly. But the recent discovery of her playing QQ network to download something, then I am not angry, after all, now is the era of science and technology, so I said to her mobile phone is for you to check the information, not to let you play the game on the network. Although the daughter listened to my words are of no great importance delete the software, but this morning I found her playing mobile phone, also played for a long time, I angrily put mobile phone when the daughter to fall, afterwards I regret not to throw a mobile phone, but I don’t know how to communicate with her daughter because, she and I communicated many times, sleep is not good for your eyes to play mobile phone, but she still play again and again…… Loading… WeChat public education intelligence agency (ID:dazhejiaoyu), reply "entrance information" can be "young rise small" and "small rise early" senior high school entrance examination "" college entrance examination "of the latest information, to help their children free! You can also join the great Zhejiang Parents Association, QQ group number: 556020647 do not give the child with a smart phone? The discussion on the Internet is very intense. This topic has touched the nerves of many parents. On the network, the vast majority of people clearly said that the primary and secondary schools, the children did not need to use mobile phone, especially the intelligent mobile phone, should resolutely stop. Some people also said that this kind of thing is very helpless, and now the child’s contact information is very wide, other children have smart phones, their children if not, it is not appropriate. There are some parents and teachers, the proposed approach to the management of smart phones. Firmly opposed to the child with the phone, there are teachers, but also parents – friends, Yang Siqin: I am a teacher, I think it should not buy a smart phone, the child had no resistance to the game. She would also like to listen to adults, but can not stand the temptation of the game. Finally, you broke the phone, which is a little violent, and how the children communicate with you? Not to mention the girl, the heart is very sensitive, there is nothing to do with you…… User rshen: five grade with what phone, our children have not yet a cell phone, the child said no need. The child’s self-control is poor, parents give her to buy a cell phone to lure her, this is not right. I think you encounter this kind of situation, the direct confiscation of the good, the reason is clear, with the ability to re-use. Children can use the Internet to check information, parents can control, the child holding a smart phone, parents can not be regulated. Net friend "under the rain sunny": such a small child does not have any self-control, to buy a smart phone for children, like in front of a panda"相关的主题文章: