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Software The need for an automatic time scheduler has be.e mandatory in all corporate .panies and other sectors too. The automatic software largely reduces the manual work of HR employees, in marking the attendance of all the staffs manually. This software will take a note of the exact time, a staff reports to his work desk and leaves back (the arrival and the departure time). Since, it is fully automated; this works all through the month, and during the payroll time, the HR can just pull out the report from the software to calculate the attendance. The time attendance software is designed to save the attendance data of the employees on to the system database. This can either be desktop or web based, depending on the capacity and choice of the individual .pany. It is very essential for all .panies, regardless of the employee head count, because it not only calculates the attendance, but effectively works to calculate leave balances, paychecks, create monthly time sheets and largely decreases the paper trails of all employees. This is found to be very useful in all organizations, especially the .panies which have several departments and many head counts in each of it. This largely increases the productivity of a .pany, especially in the HR department, and largely helps in labor resource utilization. The software works over the intranet system of the .pany, which helps easy implementation of the software on to the system database. Since it is automated software, the accuracy is 100% guaranteed. Key features Records the exact working hours and absence of every individual employee Recorded data safely stored in the system database Incorporated along with face detection software to verify employee face and ID Voice alerts for unusual instances or threats Recorded data can be exported to ERP, payroll and other operational systems Graphic interface Modification rights only to the manager Face recognition is the latest in the technology now and all .panies show a great wel.e to it. With this exciting feature, the time attendance software easily identifies the face of every employee and enters the corresponding data to the concerned person id. .panies are requested to store high quality images of all employees, to avoid mis-match or chaos in recognizing the face. Prior to the face recognition feature, the finger print technology was in use, but since there were chances of risks involved, this new replacement was made. Installation procedure is the key for the time management software and the concerned person must be aware of what is needed from the software. There are certain specific system requirements for this software, so one has to upgrade the OS to meet the requirements and make the software .patible with the OS. Time Attendance Software is designed and sold out by various software .panies, so you can buy whichever you would prefer suitable. Although, there may be some changes in the features, the basic concept of all time attendance software is simply the same. The budget each .pany could spend on the software also determines the type of software to choose. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: