The next iPhone to a big change Rumors iPhone 8 uses the cambered frame design doat

The next iPhone to a big change? Rumors iPhone 8 uses the cambered frame design of the new iPhone users imagine design of sina mobile phone news on November 14th morning news, a Barclays research company (Barclays Research) analyst said, next year, Apple Corp’s new iPhone (or called iPhone 8 instead of 7S) screen size will be increased to 5 inches and 5.8 inches, and the arc, borderless screen design. The source of this message from the supply chain, the company’s analysts believe that because of narrowing the border, two new iPhone measurements after increasing with the current screen 4.7 or 5.5 inch size similar to iPhone. In addition, only 5.8 inches of the new iPhone will use the OLED screen, compared to the screen using the LCD screen for many years, the OLED screen will be clearer, brighter and more power saving. Apple’s main screen supplier is still Samsung and LG, Foxconn’s Sharp Co is also likely to become a OLED supplier in 2018. Long ago, there are rumors that iPhone will use OLED screen, if more narrow frame, even cambered screen OLED is the only choice, after OLED has been because of high saturation color or criticized, but this year, to promote the technology has solved most of the problems, according to the Apple Corp "mature" to use routine, it’s time for the appearance of OLED.相关的主题文章: