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"The night of the Mid Autumn Festival" cultural heritage of traditional lion dance players – Du Haitao turned Du Haitao turned the lion dance entertainment Sohu ace   Sohu entertainment Du Haitao in the mid autumn festival dance? You’re right。 In Hunan satellite TV "2016" on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival party, Du Haitao will become the lion lion players, staged stunt! It is worth mentioning that the lion Haitao challenges, not the traditional festivals of the common "Lion" and "North", but was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage — Huotong line lion. Huotong line lion from Fujian Ningde City Huo Tong Town, is a traditional local folk culture heritage for hundreds of years, known as the "Chinese is a must". 2006, Huo Tong line lion was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage. And the other lion dance skills is different, Huotong line lion art essence of the whole is a "line": the performer by rope to manipulate the lions performing a variety of actions, in the work, martial arts in a body. With the special stage for Huotong line lion performances, performers on stage after the rope, the lion is less distance 5 meters, while more than 10 meters; ten digital artists into the array, one in each group, supplemented by other people, with no lion dance to the rhythm and frequency; pull ropes of different performances. A lion sitting, rolling, jumping, swinging head, ball, ball and other biting action demeanor. When learned Huotong line lion after the director group decided to exquisite beyond compare, it will move on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival stage, so that more viewers can enjoy this stunt, make excellent traditional culture into the heart of the audience more. At the same time, in order to let Huotong line lion deduction can make it easier for the audience to understand, more sense of substitution, the director group also create new styles to the "star – cooperation" mode to the program, especially the "embedding" a star join line lion show, and more than a dozen other folk artists together to complete the "star element" Huotong line lion. However, in order to find the right star in Huotong line lion, also let the director group headache: because the line lion weighs more than and 40 pounds, a small lion line there are more than and 20 pounds, which requires wushizhe not only have the skill to have more stamina. Finally, the task to the size, has the strength of Du Haitao. Since the former puffiness Haitao exercises, has lost at least 20 pounds, successfully turned Master type strong motion. Although take Huotong line lion rehearsal and performance of the waves is also not easy, but he is also a significant cultural heritage and the ultimate challenge. So, the work is scheduled to be full to the brim of the waves, just tried to squeeze out the rehearsal schedule, all-out Huotong line lion rehearsal, in the night of the Mid Autumn Festival to bring the audience a wonderful show. The "2016" in the night of the Mid Autumn Festival on the appearance of the "intangible cultural heritage" cultural elements, in addition to Huotong line lion, and Kunqu Opera and fan. "Sweet song days" Yang Yuying singing "color, chasing the moon" will innovation into the Kunqu Opera, Kunqu opera fan elements will be mildly meaningful, elegant and delicate craftsmanship Kesi fan through the audio-visual packaging art, beautiful in front of the audience. It can be said that the combination of traditional culture and the stars of the thinking, reflecting the mid autumn night director group of traditional culture!相关的主题文章: