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The Peach Garden, a group of life leaves Teaser [eleven] – Tujia people special tourism Sohu land of idyllic beauty for everyone. Escape from the complicated society, enjoy the quiet and simple rural life. According to Tao Yuanming "Peach Blossom Spring" in the description, the the Peach Garden should exist in the southwest of the Wuling mountains. Chongqing Youyang County, is located in Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Guizhou at the junction of four provinces, located just across the mountain depths, a huge cave can be seen and described in the "peach blossom spring is very similar to the scene, a piece of farmland, reservoirs, villages, with Qian street traffic. Youyang City, Chongqing city next to the unitary state of the ancient city, only a hundred meters away from the entrance of the Peach Garden. This is a piece of mountains, lush forests, through the tortuous path there is a cave, is the entrance to the Peach Garden. The cave has a trickling brook outflow, in wonderland. The water in the Peach Garden, not slow in no hurry, has been flowing for many years, the bamboo cut out most of the sun, a tortuous path of perennial wet. Tao Yuanming lives in the Jin Dynasty, perhaps to paddle a boat upstream to enter the Peach Garden. A large pool, clear water, fish swim to swim, than people living here more carefree. The pool is a small thatched pavilion, an old man wearing a raincoat, handheld fishing rod, a pair of ancient dress. Around the mountains around, this is an independent world. In the spring of March and April, peach blossom in full bloom in the air is the peach blossom, fall on the ground is also peach. Small bridges, lying in the water, just enough visitors pass. Nearby is a piece of rice, duck and goose raising scattered growth, the villagers lived a self-sufficient life life, all the information that they need to meet here. The village is the village of the Peach Garden scenic area hidden in the name, of course this is built later, Youyang County of Tujia Nationality in the majority, shown here with the Tujia culture, some of the characteristics of the performance were also in the square, here is the rest of the tourists. Men tilling the farm and women weaving enjoyable. The people who live in the Peach Garden are simple and happy. They never care about the troubles of the outside world. Tujia people have a stunt, that leaves the teaser. These people live in the mountains, see the forest trees, birds singing, occasionally feeling, they readily took a leaf, do not have to follow the tune, any play, can blow a beautiful tune. This is also the way to express the love of the young men and women. Qian Cun square, Tujia people in a circle to dance together, this is the famous local waving dance. With the rhythm of the music, the dance is slow when anxious, action is not complicated, I think the visitors have seen it again after joining them to share the joy of Tujia people. After the the Peach Garden, has been going inside, is the Fu Xi hole. The Fu hole is only in recent years the discovery and development, today we are much more lucky than Tao Yuanming. Fu hole is a giant cave, about 3 kilometers long, 10-50 meters wide, 20-80 meters high, can be regarded as one of the largest cave China. -相关的主题文章: