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The scientists used chainsaw testing which most shark teeth sharp: wear faster scientists four kinds of sharks in Australian waters in the test teeth wear resistance and sharpness. From top to bottom respectively for the sandbar shark, tiger shark, silk tooth figure, and blunt nose six gill shark mandibular and maxillary teeth. Sina Technology News Beijing on September 2nd news, in order to find out what kind of shark teeth most sharp and most rugged, the scientists designed an experiment to observe a variety of shark teeth bite through a piece of raw meat in the performance. The scientists found the common shark teeth of four Australian waters, they will be fixed in the chainsaw, then cut a chunk of meat salmon. Researchers believe that the operation mode of chainsaw closest to the shark moving head while eating, very strong and rapid, the goal is to cut off the body of the prey. Scientists will find the shark’s teeth fixed on the chainsaw, and then use the salmon open a chunk of meat. Tiger shark silk scientists tested a total of six blunt nosed shark, tiger shark, gill filaments and sandbar shark four shark teeth. "We developed a dynamic test equipment, it is used to imitate the teeth bite of food." Researchers Catherine? Cohen (Katherine Corn), Staci Farina (Stacy Farina),? Geoffrey? (Jeffrey Brash) and Adam Blache (Adam Summers) said Summers?. "We put the reciprocating saw shark teeth fixed on a specially tailored, in order to imitate the shark shake his head while eating action." The study found that the tiger shark and shark tooth silk is the most sharp, but the wear speed is faster than other sharks. Imitation shark bite prey saw violent and rapid action. "Compared with the tiger sharks, sandbar shark and shark silk, blunt nose six gill shark teeth cutting ability is poor, but after repeated use, it has no obvious wear." "Some shark’s teeth are very sharp, but the price is also very fast wear; other shark’s teeth may not be so sharp, but wear much slower." (leaves)相关的主题文章: