The Simplest Notes On Enlightenment And How To Live It Now-truffe

Self-Improvement Enlightenment is just a total realisation of being what we are anyway. Since it is just a realisation, we are it, and it does not matter if we know it or not. We do not need to do anything, as we are already what we are. Whatever the definition of Enlightenment, it involves being whole; end of separation; everything is one; everything is together. It may be called "One Consciousness" or "Self" or "Reality", and it is being this "One". There is no time, just now; but now contains everything. Perhaps you may say it contains past and future, and also much more – all the possibilities of past and future. And you are that. From now I will use the word "That" as a shortcut for what we really are. Most people I’ve talked to during the last few years had some experience of "seeing that there is something bigger", or experiencing "bliss of awareness", or "being one with the mountain" etc. The full realisation can take lifetimes. I am a hypnotherapist, and I’ve experienced and been witness to enough to be sure that reincarnations are fact – at least as much a fact as the current life. Facts are simple – people can access memories from their pervious lives, they carry their identity through different lives, they learn from them as they evolve. Sooner or later we will all realise who we are. It is not that difficult to access the mental picture or visual insight of this Wholeness and One Self. Some of the best ways are Douglas Harding’s experiments; there are multiple spiritual books, but most of us had the moments – even if they did not last for long – of this expanded being. So it is relatively easy to see who you really are or, rather, to have a glimpse. I used to call it a "view". So why wait? What if we assume that we are "That" already? No metaphysical state is needed; I call it "as if Enlightenment", pretending that you already realised. To see who you really are is being in the view, it is "as if Enlightenment". Seeing is the insight, it is approximation, being a seeker. At least for me, each time I have an insight it is different, it evolves more, but it is not .plete and it does not last. So I’ve chosen to trust. So "as if Enlightenment" is only seeing, being in the view, but acting as if being "That". I can only see at this point; or perhaps even be "That", but only for a short time. But who cares if I am really Enlightened or not, because I am "That" already, anyway. What are the implications of being "That", being one real Wholeness, embracing everything? What happens when we do not go into metaphysics, but just live it? There are very obvious implications of assuming you are "That" already. Simple consequences, which are just defaults: 1. Being whole means containing everything. Nothing is needed, no desires, no wanting for anything. 2. This applies to people. No attachments of any kind are needed, because you are everybody, anyway. You cannot lose anybody. 3. Love is just being love. Since you are everybody, then you do not love somebody; as there is no you and no somebody, only love is. This is even more than unconditional love and .passion to everybody. It is like a Bing Bang of Love. 4. Fear. What could you be afraid of, if you are it? No time, so no future, how can the fear .e? 5. Being humble is a default. You are everybody and everybody is you, so nobody is special. At the same time, it is seeing everybody as Enlightened already, because everything is now, time does not exist. So once one is whole, we are all whole; once one is God, we are all Gods; once one is Enlightened, we are all Enlightened. 6. Judging. What is to judge, if everything is one? So nothing can be good or bad, true or false, it just is. 7. Anger, hate. Against whom? 8. Forgiveness. Who would you need to forgive, if you are them? And what for? Past is just old stories, old movies, never .es back; nothing to f.ive. 9. Guilt. If you are everybody, perhaps you would expect guilt, as every past crime is yours; but there is no time, past does not really exist. Past is only memories, stories, lessons. 10. It is obvious who you are not. Since you are whole, you are not your beliefs, memories, expectations, emotions; not your judgments or opinions about yourself or anything else. As you see who you are not, it just dissolves. 11. The physical part of you is seen differently. It does not disappear; for example, there is a body, body eats chocolate and enjoys it, but it is kind of transparent and more intense at the same time. 12. Future. There is no time, so there is no future, really. It is just a curious interest in what unfolds just now. It is just a trusting opening into what unfolds. The implication of staying in the "being That" view is just freedom from obstacles. This is also so simple, no need to fight "ego", it just melts. Shredding off who you are not, so you are free to be who you really are Now, see how important it is? It affects the "dream", it changes the dreamer and it cannot be any other way. It leads to "God’s Consciousness" naturally, since you are a God when you assume you are a God and more This is the ripening of realisation, the full realisation. And it may happen even before the realisation This approach can take different levels, because the view we may pretend to be in will evolve. Usually, even when we free ourselves from beliefs, we leave something or we take some new beliefs, and we create new theories around them. New beliefs are even more "sticky" than the old ones, especially if we consider ourselves special to think in a new way, or it makes us members of some "better" group of people. So this is a process, seen from the "journey" point of view. From the other view, from the Enlightenment view, there is no process and no journey, because there is no time, just one real Wholeness, embracing everything. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: