The three trial of Sun Zhongshan’s pursuit of the ideal Kuomintang

Sun Zhongshan’s pursuit of "the ideal KMT" three trial [Abstract] the life of Sun Zhongshan is full of controversy. Follow the restructuring of the Kuomintang of the Soviet Union, especially the focus of controversy. However, if you can put aside all the "pouring of reality indignation" impulses, observe the sun to seek "ideal in the specific process of Kuomintang", when in dispute, understand a little sympathy. Short period of historical records of the 565th alliance is a "revolutionary, loosely organized, assorted cold dishes" made Sun Zhongshan famous for the leader is puppet of the revolution is not feeling alone, but must rely on the organization. This is All the world knows.. Xing sun’s early group, can only be regarded as a combination of simple and loose camaraderie of the. According to the articles of association, members do not have a clear obligation to the organization. As of 1905 the establishment of the alliance, although has been characterized as "the first textbook China bourgeois party", but in fact it is only a big revolution, just a simple combination of many assorted cold dishes "revolution in small groups. Because it is only a simple joint, so the alliance will have a program, there are slogans, there are prime ministers, members, but its leadership system, but from the date of the establishment of the Council, that has been paralyzed. According to the articles of association, the leadership system, the separation of the three powers under the leadership of the prime minister. The Ministry of temporary Tokyo, the prime minister as the supreme leader, for a term of four years. Under the prime minister, the Ministry of the establishment of the implementation, review, judicial three. Implementation of the Ministry of civil administration, led by the prime minister directly; Ministry of legislative review legislation; the Ministry of justice palm enforcement. Three independent exercise of powers, legislation, law enforcement, the prime minister’s jurisdiction is highly restricted. The leading body, including the prime minister, elected by the. If the alliance is a ruling group, the above leadership system has its own advantages. The problem is that it is a secret to the "rebels" as their own revolutionary groups, and by many small revolutionary groups and assorted cold dishes. It is inevitable that power can be dispersed and operated so complicated that it cannot meet the needs of the revolution. According to the executive secretary Tian Tong revealed, "when the secret society, most avoid the cumbersome procedures, judicial review, examination time, two, especially difficult to implement." Need to adapt to the reality of judicial review, the two since the date of the establishment of "no independent exercise of powers". After the 9 months, the new revision of the alliance "chapter" the abolition of the Ministry of justice, Ministry canceled the review authority and promote the impeachment of the prime minister, the Prime Minister of a power, which has "proposed in parliament, and the right to criticize the bill". But even so, the operation of the alliance is still unable to get rid of paralysis. The core reason is two. 1, the prime minister and the implementation of the direct leadership of the Department, there is no constraint on the power of members; 2, the members of the union are also lack of obedience to the organization’s consciousness. As Song Jiaoren Sun Zhongshan because of dissatisfaction with the acting style, which was the union affairs officer resigned from the post, to the Liaodong sports horse "". Sun Zhongshan although the union flag as the future design of the fine day flag style, but the 1911, together with is a eighteen star flag in Wuhan, Chen Jiongmin in Huizhou is well used word flag; but Chen Qimei used the five color flag in Shanghai. No matter which is the sun, or the union of the headquarters, were unable to restrain the members and internal groups. The relationship between the people in the meeting, still stay in a kind of "justice".相关的主题文章: