The Top 10 Most Famous People With The First Name Of Steve-unfccc

Arts-and-Entertainment For the past year I’ve been compiling famous names to list on my name numerology website. These are all noted individuals, but who are the most famous? Today let’s count down the most famous Steves. The most famous people (based on online chatter) with the name Steve are: 10. Steve Winwood, Musician (Arc of a Diver, Back in the High Life) 9. Steve Harvey, Actor and Comedian (The Steve Harvey Show, The Original Kings of Comedy) 8. Steve Buscemi, Actor (Reservoir Dogs, The Big Lebowski, Ghost World) 7. Steve Carell, Actor (The Office, Little Miss Sunshine, Get Smart) 6. Steve Irwin, Television Host and Wildlife Expert (The Crocodile Hunter) 5. Steve McQueen, Actor (The Sand Pebbles, The Magnificent Seven, Papillon) 4. Steve McNair, NFL Quarterback (Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens) 3. Steve Earle, Musician (Jerusalem, The Revolution Starts Now, Townes) 2. Steve Martin, Actor, Comedian, Author (Shopgirl, Cheaper By The Dozen, The Pink Panther) …and the most famous Steve by a wide margin of victory is… 1. Steve Jobs, Co-Founder and CEO of Apple Computer Not making the top 10 list were Steve Allen – TV Personality and Comedian (The Tonight Show), Steve Balmer – CEO of Microsoft, Steve Burns – Actor and Musician (Blues Clues), Steve Canyon – Title Character in the Steve Canyon comic strip, Steve Doocy – Television Journalist (FOX and Friends), Steve Howe – Musician (Yes, Asia), Steve Kroft – Television Journalist (60 Minutes), Steve Lambert – Artist, Steve Lawrence – Singer (We Got Us, Our Love Is Here To Stay, From This Moment On), Steve Perry – Singer (Journey – Don’t Stop Believing, Any Way You Want It), Steve Reeves – Actor and Bodybuilder (Hercules, The Last Days of Pompeii), Steve Reich – Composer (Music for 18 Musicians, Drumming), Steve Schwarzman – Billionaire (Chairman and Co-Founder of the Blackstone Group) Steve Van Zandt – Musician and Actor (Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, the Sopranos), Steve Wilkos – Television Host (The Steve Wilkos Show), Steve Wozniak – Engineer (Co-Founder of Apple Computer), Steve Young – NFL Quarterback (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, San Francisco 49ers). As is about usual the actors took half of the spots in the top 10 (Martin, McQueen, Carell, Buscemi, and Harvey), with musicians getting 2 spots, and computing god Steve Jobs in the top spot. Sadly, two of the top 10 spots were taken by Steves with recent and tragic deaths (Irwin and McNair). I compiled this list by searching for each of the Steves on a number of search engines and ranking them by the number of web pages, discussion forums, photos, videos, etc that are available online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: