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Arts-and-Entertainment Due to the statics IP locate to the connected computer,you will not able to view an ordinary webcam on a different computer through the USB port. Thus,you will need an ip camera to access the video of the webcam through your network. IP camera is connected by network instead of the pc, and also can access via Ethernet port or even a Wi-Fi network.The majority of ip cameras use web servers or make use of IP cam software to make them work on the internet network.Port forwarding is needed when you would like to watch your ip camera beyond your network. That is to say,there is no need to port forward and connect the ip camera to your router or view it from any configured IP address. The following is the way to connect an IP camera without a port forward: Step1: Have the IP camera connected to your network by an Ethernet cable. Make sure the other end is the router or turned on your internet. After the two ends are totally connected, turn on the power of ip camera and wait for about one minute to get it refreshed. Step2: Configure the IP address of the router.For example,mine is in by enter your user name and password. Think of the status page for any set of devices within the network that were assigned an IP or DHCP address. Then make sure your camera is locate in the firmware device list, and mark the IP address of your camera. For instance, mine is Step3: Access your ip camera by the internet browser. As an example, you can load  . When watching the live video of the camera, you can adjust the positions, sound, resolution and so on as you wish. You can also change the camera setting by login into the camera with the default user name and password(signed on the bottom of the camera). As an example, you’ll be able to set your camera to always request a unique IP address so the IP address doesn’t change randomly.Password can also changed for security consideration if you wish. Now you know how to connect an IP camera without port forwarding. You can also contact me with detailed specifications and I will be happy to assist you. And it will be my great appreciate if my next articles help you on your IP cameras. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: