The woman and the neighbor disputes shouted has the ability to hit me was hit

The woman and the neighbor disputes shouted "has the ability to hit me" was hit, the saying goes, better than distant neighbors. Originally the neighborhood watch. Mr. Luo is a small thing to the gas to the neighbor’s head, the consequences are very serious. 18, 2009, Mr. Luo was beaten by the public security organs sentenced to detention by the public security organs for the punishment of 5 days. Anger is met a neighbor Mr. Luo couples to two children can enjoy a better education environment, moved to Chongqing city from his home in Fengdu a few years ago, a small airport in Yubei District. Husband and wife two people usually go to work in the neighborhood, the two children are also in the vicinity of reading. A few years later, the relationship between the neighbors around the dormitory and Mr. Luo couple well, the neighborhood can not say how close, but also know too much, sometimes a little help. The 13 day, Mr. Luo was canceled because the son for a professional school, repeatedly beg 8500 yuan tuition has been unsuccessful, these days are sulking, 7 in the morning, Mr. Luo to prepare breakfast before you go to tuition, is room to eat noodles, heard the corridor neighbors in Ms. corridor with a male neighbor Mr. Li joked, "you at night where the wild woman wrapped back, the ground is covered with hair, carefully I tell you!" Is Mr. Luo sulking after hearing, feeling Ms. Ni words harsh, feeling that she was blaming himself at home, because Mr. Luo wife and daughter have long hair, and hair is easy to fall off. "You have the ability to hit me," Mr. Luo rushed out the door, Ms. Ni to send a fire, mutual scold, scold is more horrible. Mr. Luo first threw a dustpan used to scare each other, not the name of Ms. Ni, Ms. Ni at this time called more fierce, and repeatedly provoked Mr. Luo: "you have the ability to hit me ah" is the son of the registration fee. Angry, Mr. Luo really angry! Mr. Luo to control emotions, readily picked up from the ground with a wooden broom, struck in Ni’s head, Ms. Ni head immediately swollen a big bag, even the ears are beginning to bleed. Ms. Ni fell on the ground, but the anger of Mr. Luo has approached to beat, but fortunately was his wife and several other neighbors to discourage stop. Because the impulse will be detained for 5 days by playing Ms. Ni feel wronged, he kind of sweeping public corridor was beaten, instead, she called the police to the Yubei District Public Security Bureau police station shuangfeng. Police rushed to the scene after receiving the alarm, but Mr. Luo did not seem like anything has happened to leave. The hospital, soft tissue injury, Ms. head, face, left ear multiple superficial skin laceration. Mr. Luo’s behavior has constituted the assault, according to the "People’s Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Ordinance" forty-third the provisions of the first paragraph, "assault, or intentional bodily harm, following more than five days to ten days in detention, and impose a fine of two hundred yuan and five hundred yuan; if the circumstances are relatively minor, five days detention or a fine of five hundred yuan." 18, 2009, Mr. Luo was beaten by others for security detention for 5 days. Police remind, can not take the form of violence to vent negative emotions between neighbors should live in harmony, there is a wedge should communicate. (upper reaches of the press – Chongqing Morning Post)相关的主题文章: