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The woman was sent to the police after the robbery Gang arrested mooncakes to scoop the original title: after the robbery was about to escape   woman called him: you put this box of moon cake also take it on September 14th morning, Changzhou South Street, a man armed with a spoon to rob the lone woman. As soon as the robbery was about to leave, the woman suddenly called him, "take this box of moon cakes.". After the woman robbed you of moon cake, is actually in order to give the robbers marking, convenient for monitoring the police through the streets. After the man carrying the moon cake left, less than 8 hours was seized by the police. Yesterday, the modern express reporter learned that, on suspicion of robbery, the man has been arrested. ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express reporter Song Tijia had no money, he picked up the spoon to rob the lone woman born in 1991 Zhao Liang (a pseudonym) in September came to Changzhou from the field, because can not find work, spend money on the streets. In late September 13th 10 pm, after thought penniless, not even have to eat a meal, lying on the bench of the public Zhao Liang moving from the crooked mind, going to rob money with. "South Street is the city, many people, I choose the target is the lone women walking alone." Zhao Liang said the statement, that night he took a scoop to South Street, going to the spoon when the weapon to scare people. Since this is the first time for robbery, Zhao Liang is afraid, has been wandering in the early hours of the morning, yet. In September 14th at around 1 am, a young woman carrying a bag appeared, Zhao Liangzhuang boldly took the spoon away from the past, stuck behind women’s neck, and to her with a spoon handle, robbery. I took the bag and found 310 yuan and a cell phone, I put the cash and mobile phone into the pocket, let her go, intend to leave. The woman let me invite her to dinner, I refused, she took a box of moon cakes to me, asked me if I would like to eat moon cake, I took over." Zhao Liang statement said. He did not think much, carrying moon cake fled the scene. Mark the moon cake, the police locked the suspect was robbed by monitoring the woman Jing Jing (pseudonym) is a club staff. She was walking home from work, halfway to friends micro letter, who was stuck in the neck from behind, and use the spoon to handle. Jing Jing thought the other is holding a knife, he did not resist. That Zhao Liang was cornered to street robbery, in order to prevent accidents, let them look at the Jing Jing carry a backpack. Zhao Liang pulls out the cash and mobile phone ready to leave, to hold each other, she proposed to let the other party dinner, then take the initiative to send moon cake. Why call has left Zhao Liang to take the initiative to send moon cake, Jing Jing after the statement to the police: "I think he took a cake walk on the road is quite obvious, you can easily find him by monitoring the police". She wants to make a mark for the robbers, the police locked the suspect. The robbers left, Jing Jing hurriedly go forward, until the night watch the security awareness of safety, she began to cry, and then call the police. According to Jing Jing’s clues, the police locked the suspect, in the case of 8 hours will be arrested. At present, Zhao Liang has been arrested, but he didn’t want to understand why the woman robbed after will send him a box of moon cakes. Jun相关的主题文章: