There is a time bomb market has been ignored in a number of banks in the transmission lever

There is a time bomb market has been ignored in a number of banks in the delivery of the property market has a time bomb has been ignored! Source: Wind information (windzxsh) since twenty-first Century, the new comprehensive financial and economic reports, the Beijing Evening News reported on the city, rocks began in 2015 at the beginning of the loose monetary and real estate regulation relaxed since the end of last year has brought a new round of rising prices, since this year, a second tier city high song Mengjin, around "the most expensive land frequent. To the north as the representative of the first tier cities as well as the second tier cities in the hot shot after another regulation of the property market, limited credit, the purchase of the recent policy intensive release. However, in addition to crazy king, house prices and the government’s regulation of the hand, there is an important property market variables hidden in the sight of everyone — that is, the housing loan credit products. And this hidden mines, are quietly to the property market with a lever. The property market "and advance secretly by an unknown path: many banks leverage" push housing loan against products according to Caixin news, including at least a number of banks, China Construction Bank, Minsheng Bank, CITIC, have launched the housing loan against the amount of products, mostly in 3 million, some banks even without limit. According to the charge rate, banks generally believe that the risk of housing loan against mortgage loans is consistent with. The results of the bank stress test is that house prices fell 30%-40%, banks will not lose. The so-called housing loans, that is, two mortgages, loans for consumption or business, including car, decoration, education, health, tourism and other purposes, can not be used to buy a house. However, due to a variety of ways to circumvent the bank and the agency in the trustee to pay for the road, the bank is difficult to supervise the whereabouts of the loan. Beijing Evening News reported earlier, there are a number of banks to develop the housing mortgage business two times, even if the name of the loan is still not settled housing, as long as the repayment of more than one year, you can apply for a two mortgage. The business has a big background: the economic situation is not good, not good to do business loans, small business loans to large enterprises, banks are unwilling to lend, so focus on the personal mortgage business, only the individual’s willingness to buy a house is still very strong. Bank staff said, do not need to settle the loan, according to the market price of 60% minus the number of remaining loans, is able to loan money. Interest rate is 1.1 times the benchmark, after the application is not necessary for the business, to buy a house is also available. Of course, when the application does not write on the line. Caixin quoted a large wind control who commented that the housing loan against a thunder. Housing mortgage loans rely entirely on the value of real estate, no mortgage amortization of this risk deferred. Mortgage the house to buy, a suite rose to 10 million yuan, will be able to give a loan of $7 million. The property market continues to increase leverage, very terrorist. Housing prices with 1 trillion and 500 billion funds, like the "Lake" hanging enterprises semi annual report data, improve the level of funding has become an important feature. Among them, at the end of June this year, SUNAC cash more than 40 billion yuan, compared to the end of the year growth of nearly half. Over the same period, although experienced some of the acquisition of CITIC Real estate business, the flow of funds in the sea is still more than 100 billion yuan. Known as the hub of相关的主题文章: