Think Keyword Density Is Still A Factor Prove It!

"Keyword density is going to remain a hot (contentious) topic. I just read an article in the "New Yorker" yesterday about the new AOL CEO: "Can Tim Armstrong save AOL?" Apparently AOL is going to put greater focus on being content providers. Here’s an excerpt from page 36: ‘The writing, too, is often designed to appeal more to search engines than to readers. In the list of "contributor resources" for Seed, the most prominent category is for "search engine optimization"–S.E.O.–the process of packing stories with words that will make them appear higher in the list of results that Google and Bing display when users search for terms related to the subject. Seed links to guidelines that instruct writers to pay attention to what is called "keyword density": the number of times that certain phrases appear in a story as a percentage of total words in a piece. If you’re writing a story on herbal tea, you should use that phrase early and often.’ "So, while I’ve read articles by plenty of respected SEO experts who insist they’ve tested various keyword density models and it doesn’t correlate with returns, I have to say I’ve read at least as many articles like this that still bang the keyword density drum. Well you can see how the mixed messages can be frustrating." Have you ever tested it? Or are you just blindly following this outdated myth that refuses to die? 相关的主题文章: