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This is probably the most thorough business about a movie in the dense Hot pot hot over there, 66 asked me: which do you think is the most able to speak through entrepreneurial film? My first reaction was: "China partner"? "Social network"? The opposite entrepreneur 66 laugh: these are…… Flower racks, make a movie. Then he told me the story of Kurosawa’s seven samurai. A Japanese village in the Warring States period, every year wheat harvest time, would have been attacked by robbers. This year, the villagers decided to hire warriors to defend their villages and harvest, they found a combat veteran of the samurai A. After the arrival of the samurai A began recruiting other samurai to join, and ultimately formed a team of seven people began to fight with the robbers. In the village of cooperation, through all kinds of difficulties, seven samurai kill all bandits, but also lost four brothers. After the war, the Knights Templar A left the village, can not help but sigh: "this is the defeat…… It’s not the samurai, but the villagers." 66: Samurai A is like the founder of the company, and finally left the two comrades in arms is your partner. As for investors, more like the role of the villagers. In this business field Daguai upgrade game, founder need a excellent ability to clear objectives, recruiting screening partners and employees, and then in the investor’s help and "drive", struggling. The core team will stick to the end, and when the game clearance, investors may benefit more. * entrepreneurs 66 Samurai A 66 out of business reasons are: work saturation low, too busy — although he before the company is the country’s top Internet Co and has a "traditional" division. Every day around four in the afternoon, at the end of the day, all the work can be done by the 66. Entrepreneurial rhythm of his passion to mobilize the cell, and it seems to be his rhythm, a lot of the night 66 left the office when the Shanghai subway has been closed. He was excited and satisfied – 66 from high school in the UK until he graduated from the graduate school, he read mathematics, for several years in a row every day to learn an hour. "The intensity of the work is much easier than reading." 66 say. He is energetic and full of fighting spirit. Seven of his Warriors team in the interview 66 times referred to his partner Li Delong, words are praise. Two people, a master to be responsible for the flow of traffic, the docking of funds, a master of technology and company management, so that the state of cooperation so that the tacit understanding of the 66 and comfortable. But in the Lord, take care of the daily 66 is not a very nice CEO: second ious set up more than six months time, the team is no more than forty people, but 66 had fired fifteen six personal records. The basic work such as customer service jobs is the hardest hit, he can’t bear the work attitude, lack of ability and can help the space, but a person’s bad attitude will affect the user, will also affect the atmosphere of the office. 66 will make a decision to make a fire相关的主题文章: