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Through the illegal stuffed tragedy: 1 victims – Sichuan Aden tour pal across the reserve in new network search and rescue operations will spend a lot of manpower and material resources, so the reserve had to take paid rescue measures. "This is a cross between heaven and hell, is a new and old donkey to the transformation process……" Sichuan Daocheng Aden scenery beautiful nature reserve, in recent years has attracted more and more tourists come to visit in October, the gold period before the arrival of such attractive recruitment Posts circulated on the internet. Some of them are some users spontaneously organized through the activities, choose a number of unexplored routes, coupled with the lack of outdoor experience and the ability to respond to emergency, often lead to dangerous. In October 6th, a middle-aged man from Shandong with an online recruitment through the team through the natural protection zone, severe altitude sickness, died. By the end of September, there is a Henan book "illegal crossing" missing, still no whereabouts. A tragedy WCC reporter linked to the relevant search and rescue personnel, learned that in October 6th from Shandong tourists were killed. It is understood that the victim surnamed Shi, 43 years old, Shandong, Qingdao. Before the national day, Mr. Shi saw a recruitment post in a tourism forum, attracted by the beauty of Daocheng, Aden, signed up to participate in the team through. The team eventually formed a total of 11 people, by a net name "Tang dragon" as the organizer. 11 people come from all over the place, each other is unknown, are linked through the net name. The team starting from Chengdu, the Muli Aden route, the route will cross the Shuiluo River, the original forest area through the high altitude, the plan lasted about 6 days. Across the plateau 6 days because of the high anti Qingdao man died at 7:40 on the morning of October 6th, Reserve Management Bureau received the alarm, the alarm call is called the peer team, said the team a visitor appeared serious high back, dying in urgent need of rescue. 8, the WCC reporter linked to the administration of the relevant management personnel more than his understanding of the relevant circumstances, he told reporters, the day after receiving the alarm call, the other said they "pass" in the Songduo, where close to 5000 meters altitude, is very dangerous for high anti who. At that time, they advance to each other that the reserve paid rescue system, contact the area police station, dispatch police and medical personnel rushed to pass. 9 in the morning on the 6 day, search and rescue personnel rushed to the Songduo pass found this through the team, and immediately tried to aid to Mr. stone. To the scene, the rescue team to further understanding, the team from October 1st 5 on the evening of Muli County, arrived in pine forest near the multi pass at that time, Mr. Shi had serious high back, but the team has no professional rescue equipment, also did not know the method of emergency personnel. At that time, they did not call the police for the first time, still let the presence of high symptoms of Mr. Shi stuck in high altitude areas. 10 in the morning for 6 days or so, Mr. Shi because of serious altitude sickness, suspected complications were killed. At present, the authority has managed to contact their relatives to Sichuan. At present, the aftermath相关的主题文章: