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Tianjin joy see "people go ghost" terrorist upgrade – Sohu seeking to stimulate the love adventure quickly come to see, Tianjin joy haunted house second season scream incoming virtual reality! Are you a fan girl face catch "door" in nine big Buddha, remember "Tomb notes" Zhang Ling bronze door about ten years? September 29th -11 month 13 days, & joy airborne tomb site; Research Institute of the two major themes of the Cretaceous haunted house. The mystery of the archaeological site, winding vine dark ramps, ghosts of the undead, a roar of the Dragon tomb…… Want to experience the most intense screaming stimulus? Don’t hesitate to invite you to see the ghost! The two major themes of horror thriller double upgrade haunted house as the preferred fashion people with a sense of adventure, Joy City in Tianjin 2015 "at the Ghost Castle" virtual reality with mysterious Baron strange breath haunted heart hurricane, opening first weekend instant hot city, many customers attracted to experience thrilling pleasure, become the Halloween Red noise party activities. This year, Tianjin city mining two new upgrades, haunted house, double horror thriller! The tomb site & Cretaceous Research Institute in the north and South City outdoor plaza screaming curtain, not only to meet the fans of Tomb of desire, will also take you through to the challenge of dinosaurs at the roar of variation. Fully enclosed in the dark environment, bloody terror 4D props, with a very penetrating sound field, absolutely make you creepy! The thrills of joy was too high discount tickets painstakingly second quarter virtual reality scene design is a haunted house, the site to build the tomb site theme as the mysterious archaeological site, through the dark passage, suffered numerous bats and sperm, dark tomb, tomb two beast guarding tomb coffin with faint light, the heart awe; Cretaceous Institute, small dinosaur hideous face exhausted a shell, a first person guy with a bloody mouth is coming your way…… Unpredictable adventure, so you just want to quickly escape from the strange land, and with this special experience brush burst circle of friends. Want to experience the ancient relics of the Cretaceous & double stimulation, pass only 50 yuan, download and sign Tianjin joy App online booking and enjoy exclusive benefits 20 percent off, members can participate in the 500 exchange points and 1 yuan of seckill. Please pay attention to the official Tianjin joy micro-blog, WeChat, in the micro interaction, a lot of opportunities for you to win free tickets. The screen of social media network red small dinosaur send your "beard hair." the body is committed to bring you the most joy city in Tianjin to stimulate the sensory experience, online communication highlights frequently, fancy interaction not only, to create a sense of belonging to the fashion circle. Carried out early, Tianjin Joy City official blog and WeChat will be a circle of friends "what the hell" H5 game a whirlwind; carry out the same day, Tianjin joy micro-blog take you watch network red girl "lives at risk" hell tour; during the eleven, Tianjin Joy City net red small dinosaurs out again, for everyone in "beard hair" intimate character, protect you "don’t scare". Funny October season, put down the serious face, remove black!相关的主题文章: