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Total investment: the stock market is not up for this "vampire" do? Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my yesterday (October 13th), better market performance than the parties expected, the stock index rose 2.85 points to 3061.35 points, the Shanghai stock market turnover of 166 billion 340 million yuan, slightly enlarged. The reason of brother said the performance of A shares than expected stronger, mainly because Hong Kong stocks plummeted again yesterday, the Hang Seng Index fell 375.75 points, or 1.61%; state-owned enterprises index is down 176.35 points, or 1.82%. In addition, the devaluation of the renminbi continued yesterday. In this context, the stock index can be stubborn red, really not easy. However, yesterday’s stock index amplitude is only 0.38%. Two consecutive days, the index amplitude is very small, which reminds people of the September 8th, the day the stock index amplitude of 0.42%, a record for many years, and then the market will change the disk. Impression, this year has been the emergence of these extreme circumstances, what is the reason? As brother noticed a news yesterday was reported on a ten billion private equity fund "T+0" trader team. According to reports, these agencies take the trading strategy is in the total holdings of roughly unchanged, after "T+0" to obtain income through frequent trading, buy low sell high. As brother explained here, the current A shares is the implementation of T+1 trading system, but the stock holdings in intraday high day and low price buy back, sell, the number of shares unchanged, this is the so-called "T+0" transaction. This kind of trading strategy to be successful, need a large enough amount of money, on the other hand also need a good sense of disk, and manipulator "flash orders". I believe many of my friends have experienced another kind of "T+0", that is, only to sell low, see the stock price rose quickly to buy back. This will lead to a lot of stocks just a rose was selling pressure down, just fall and capital to undertake, the final result is the stock price in a relatively small range of fluctuations. In this transaction mechanism once more, it leads to A stock market "a pool of stagnant water", always do not rise up. So, A shares rose up, it is because of these people "trouble" caused by it? The main reason for the T+0 trade is that the market itself is too weak. On the other hand, in recent years, because of limit death squads to strengthen supervision and had to find another way. It is in this context, only to the A shares of T+0 high-frequency traders living space. Many institutions to reduce earnings expectations, if the T+0 transaction can get 20% of the annual rate of return, they are very satisfied. In the view of the elder brother, this gang itself is not the culprit, can only be said to be a vampire. Now the A stock market, a seemingly weak body, and "vampire" has been "vampire", thus strengthened the weak symptoms, delaying the process of rehabilitation. But it should be noted that, in the long run, these vampires can not be the most talked about相关的主题文章: