True sign cancer bangdakuan Scorpio when small Nanchong (map) puritans pride

True sign: cancer bangdakuan Scorpio when small Nanchong (map) with cancer after my marriage began presumptuous! Usually indifferent points are calculated, the results in the most I need him, this cancer actually go to play cards! I am very angry, who knows that cancer is more angry and hit me…… Sina users Xiebao 520 love to say Sina constellation Cancer bangdakuan Scorpio when small Nanchong I am Scorpio girl, understanding cancer men on the Internet, men at the beginning is very good to me, good can help me to wash my feet. But he also ex girlfriend to keep in touch, but every time I found, I forgave him and do not care, just your life (always doubt whether he and his girlfriend are still in touch, so she was very unhappy) but he was very good to me I don’t care what. Talk about him and I’ll go get a marriage certificate eight months (in both parents unknowingly, because he was what are good for me, at last) to meet both parents disagree about etiquette when I quarrel with him very fierce, feeling hurt each other’s parents, I am pregnant during this period however, I did not leave the child (since he said it wasn’t his, maybe I was too strong dedication, earns more than he reason), I do not sorry about him, he will pass the buck, his father also told him that if he marries me with his broken relationship between father and son, (my family is very poor because they are not required to make gifts, as long as my close relatives to a gift of money, this is our hometown customs), both home very unpleasant, my parents came to me to take care of me, the way to shop, and he There is no help (we always quarrel during this) there is a quarrel he ran to my parents shop smashed the door. My parents feel no meaning after back home (because I think this life I am sorry for them, this is my regret) to take the reason of the marriage certificate, let his parents think I was already a want how how, through this thing he didn’t give up on me, it was with me, we and also, over half of our plans to decorate good house wedding, during which he quit working outside to earn money, and I in the house decoration, small screws are my go to market to buy building materials, loaded during our house back to his hometown to the banquet, (my parents didn’t go) his parents call, when his parents gave 20 thousand wedding gifts, said to me! (what else didn’t even take me home, I really feel wronged but think we are young can make money, I never asked him for money, talk to friends get married now big money money is my own treatment) this money back filled the house, go, my parents took a look some of the money for me, I spent the money in the house, the house is finally put together, did not expect him to do something outside more and more indifferent to me, always complain that I don’t understand him, each call he said to accompany the leadership said that in order to make me happy he desperately (go out soon a year has not seen at home to pay a penny, I never say to his face, always feel that now is not difficult for him to start to exercise their own money, let him first, he put a formal job?相关的主题文章: