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Games There are 52 cards in one pack but the options to play with them are limitless. Here is the list of some card games and some facts. 1. Hearts It is believed that most poker players are die hard fans of the Hearts game. Though the name may sound quite romantic, it can turn into a competitive nightmare. It has many tricks to cause havoc on your opponents side. It is simple to understand and tricks are many. 2. Solitaire It is considered the most varied card game in the world. Known as Patience in England, it requires a petite set up of more than just putting cards in specific places. 3. Spades Very few may know but Spades is a variation of a game known as Bridge. But this one is quite simpler with its rules. Spades is actually famous in large crowd, offline and online. It is also suitable for big tournaments around the world. It is a strategic game which requires considerably less span of attention. 4. FreeCell FreeCell is basically popular because of its puzzle like nature and the fact that almost every deal can be won. Unlike other solitaires where the winning probability would be half, the deals in FreeCell can be won every time if played correctly. It is an open solitaire, which means all the cards are face-up when dealt at the start. The elements of judgment and probability have a minimal role here. 5. Spider Solitaire This game is more known as the Patience game. The core purpose of this game is to arrange all the cards in a tableau form, before removing all cards from the table. Not every game of Spider solitaire can be won, but you can increase your odds by adopting the right strategy. 6. Pyramid Solitaire In this game of solitaire, your aim is to remove the pair of cards that add up to 13. The primary strategy here is to decide how to pair cards when you are given choices. Another thing to watch out in Pyramid solitaire is increasing the number of choices later in the game. About the Author: Rohan works as a copywriter, specially targeting online games with his artillery of words. Being in this line for more than 5 years, analyzing games and building blogs on the same have been his specialty. Rohan bears a vast knowledge of online games and has been contributing ever since. Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com – Games 相关的主题文章: