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Womens-Issues Pregnancy can be a joyous occasion for parents. Women especially will be in a beautiful state of euphoria as they connect with their child over the course of 9 months. In the joy that .es through, there are also real life body issues that are no doubt going to manifest. Aside from weight gain, morning sickness, and the likes, there are other issues that many women dont talk about, or just arent aware of. For instance, there could be vaginal discharge during pregnancy. This is something that is definitely a bit odd to talk about for some, but it should be considered moving forward. When women arent pregnant, this issue could arise as well. Things are usually just natural lubricants and moisture in the region. However, if the discharge be.es thick, white, and has a distinct smell, theres a bacterial infection. In other instances, there is a bacterial ph balance that is off, and nothing more. Whatever the case is, there are certain things that can trigger this, and certain things that one can do to ensure that it is taken care of naturally. The easiest way to fix this of course is naturally. Why Not A Doctor Visit? When dealing with vaginal discharge during pregnancy or just about any discharge, its important to first look at natural options. The reason being is because doctors usually prescribe antibiotics or medications that only mask the symptoms. They dont get to the root of the issue. When you look at the root of the problem, you can easily ensure that you are able to get the upper hand moving forward. Now, there are instances where you will need to discuss issues with a doctor, but chances are, you will not need to do so outside of your normal visits. Vaginal itching during pregnancy can also be a sign of issues, but it is not something to be too alarmed about. Its best to first consider the .mon issues that could be arising before heading to a physicians office. Simple Causes of Bacterial Vaginosis In many instances, the main issue that you are going to be dealing with is that of BV. This stands for bacterial vaginosis. Its a discharge that can cause the smell and interaction that youre dealing with as a whole. This can occur in pregnant women, as well as women that are sexually active. At first it may be a thin discharge, but it can thicken up and turn white. Left alone, this issue can cause a string of issues, mainly dis.fort and smell. Theres no need to be embarrassed as a result, as this can be helped. The main causes that can be attributed to this issue as a whole include having unprotected sex, vaginal infections, hormonal changes, and drugs. When pregnant, there are a lot of changes that are .ing through. As a result, hormones will change significantly to help mother and child. This alone can cause secretions that can smell. It is nothing too abnormal, and usually just means that the hormonal shift is changing the bacteria in and around the vagina. This is an important process, however, as the body is getting ready to take on the role of carrying a baby for 9 months. Again, this is nothing to be too alarmed about, and instead, one should consider looking at finding remedies to ensure that this doesnt get worse. Consider The Symptoms First and foremost, make sure that you are in fact pregnant. If youre not pregnant, you may be dealing with vaginosis on a different level. For instance, smoking can effect this, as well as reactions to lubricants, condoms, and more. As a result, consider whether or not the discharge is white, thick, and smelly. If it is, and youre not pregnant, then you definitely have BC. However, if you are pregnant, then the chances are your bodys hormones are shifting and this is going to be an un.fortable thing. In order to reverse this, and not have to worry about the smell, youre going to have to look at some simple tips and tricks to help you out. The following can help you get rid of the feminine discharge the right way. Do Not Douche its imperative that you do not douche before and during pregnancy. This is not a good thing to utilize, as it can disrupt the natural ph levels of the vagina. Do Not Use Perfumes perfume, or heavily scented soaps, creams, or anything that has a great deal of chemicals can cause a great deal of issues in the body. Dont use them in or around the vagina. Do Not Over wash over washing can cause dryness, itching, and even cause the bacteria to return harder. Do not overdo it, once or twice a day is enough. Panty Liners Help a simple panty liner can help here, but you can also use sanitary towels, tampons, and other elements to help absorb some of the discharge. Lifestyle change is usually the best thing that you can work with here. However, if things do not get better, and you are not seeing any changes, you may need to consult a physician. In normal instances of vaginal discharge during pregnancy, you do not have to worry too much. The changing hormones are natural, and its something that all women will have to deal with at one point or another. Its just part of the pregnancy process. Youll no doubt experience vaginal discharge early pregnancy, but you should get through it with minor issues thanks to the hormonal changes. With the tips above, and a bit of lifestyle change, however, youll be able to navigate this and get the upper hand in regards to removing bacterial vaginosis. There are several home remedies that can assist, and the main goal is to shift the ph balance to a normal, natural state. This can be done without drugs, and intrusion from heavy chemicals. Remember, the best thing to do is stay calm, and consider the tips and tricks mentioned above. 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