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Video-Conferencing Integrated or Unified .munications is a highly effective remote collaboration tool that simplifies .munication and improves organisational productivity manifolds. This new-age solution merges a vast array of devices, applications and channels of interaction into a single environment that supports interaction amongst geographically separated professionals. .panies are steadily migrating towards this platform in order to streamline their .munication requirements and reduce collaboration costs. Unified .munication (UC) solutions include various platforms, such as audio and video conferencing, web conferencing, instant messaging, emails and even fax. Now, a meeting can easily be set up on short notice to make urgent multipoint calls or to schedule an automated event beforehand for high profile events. The integration of multiple .munication channels enables users to access all meetings from a single easy-to-use device and reduce lag in long distance web-based collaboration sessions. This facility of bringing all employees within the same virtual conference room proves beneficial for .panies that have many offices located across the world. Using this solution, geographically dispersed individuals can make decisions quicker without .promising on productivity. They can coordinate with remotely located personnel to handle projects better and boost the turnaround time. In Australia, where the tyranny of distance hinders .munication, Unified .munications can help .panies greatly optimise the business conferencing infrastructure through innovative tools, such as white boarding and annotations. All the modern conferencing features of Unified .munication and Collaboration solutions can be accessed from a simple browser-based interface that does not require any plug-ins or downloads. Australian Conferencing Service Providers (CSPs) are capable of tailoring their UC suites in order to cater to the exact .munication needs of their clients such that they have instant access to all advanced tools over an simple and convenient interface. Considering the increase in rate of adoption of handheld mobile devices like Smartphones and tablet .puters, dedicated apps for various operating systems like Android, Apple, Blackberry and Symbian are available for Unified .munication solutions . Thus, professionals working on such devices can join an ongoing meeting or start an event even while they are on the move. They simply need to enter their log in IDs and passwords to start using advanced tools and features of Unified .munications on their iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets and Blackberry devices. The conferencing experience and high quality support rendered by CSPs ensure that the remote meetings held using such UC solutions are efficient, aid mission-critical decision making and help simplify .munication. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: