Vanke 115 million pounds London property within 5 days of the Chinese shot twice (video) chompoo araya

Vanke 115 million pounds in London within 5 days of their Chinese shot twice August real estate sales leading owners: Hengda high Vanke fell nearly 30% Vanke to 115 million pounds acquisition of the London City Centre Cuntucunjin Mayfair district (Mayfair) Office of Ryder Court. The deal is also the second Chinese commercial real estate acquisition in the uk. A British exit after the referendum has reached as high as 5 billion pounds of real estate projects because of redemptions back into the market, including some flagship projects. Local time on September 6th, Vanke Group acquired 115 million pounds in London, England’s office Ryder Court, for the first time to enter the UK office market. The building is located in the land of Mayfair property (Mayfair), Picadilly Circus and Green Park near the subway station, a total area of 70 thousand square feet (6671 square meters), the annual rental return rate of about 4.3%. It is reported that the seller and the buyer have formally exchanged contracts. This is Vanke’s second investment in the UK real estate market. In October last year, Vanke invested about 30000000 pounds in London second real estate developer Galliard Homes’s The Stage residential development projects, this project has acquired 20% stake. The deal is a British exit after a referendum in the UK second pile of Chinese commercial real estate acquisitions, on Friday (September 2nd) the people voted to 84 million 500 thousand pounds acquisition is located in the city of London’s French bank headquarters building. From Europe after the referendum, a number of British real estate funds were forced to suspend redemptions, the industry estimated $5 billion in real estate projects including some flagship projects because the redemption pressure back into the market, Ryder Court is a large real estate fund Henderson (Henderson) on the market to sell in this context, Henderson has also located in central London, worth 220 million pounds the private bank Coutts century headquarters 440 Strand is also in the sale, Henderson hopes to release before the end of the year. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: