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Home-Securtiy A cricket can’t do the same level of damage that a moth is capable of, but it can nibble on silks and wools that will often leave a mark. Crickets do not bite or sting, but they leave behind excrement, and they eat everything from fabric to household food and trash. In any case, when crickets make their way into the home they are no longer appreciated. The natural noise can become maddening, but it is possible to use natural ways to get rid of crickets that have made their way indoors. Whenever possible, do not use chemical products to get rid of crickets or any other pests found indoors or outdoors. Not only are chemical products potentially harmful to the environment, but they also pose a danger to pets, wildlife, and small children. Besides, why use chemical products when natural remedies are available? Instead of suffering with the incessant noise and damage caused by these musical pests, put away the earplugs and try the following natural ways to get rid of crickets. When a chirping cricket is driving the family insane indoors, pinpoint the location of the pest, and use a vacuum with a long attachment to get rid of the problem. Chances are the chirper will stop making noise as it detects someone approaching, and it will take patience and possibly an extra pair of ears to locate the source. Be prepared with the vacuum attachment, and turn it on at just the right moment to get rid of the natural noise maker for good. Place cricket traps along walls and in corners. Sticky traps or glue boards for mice and rats are better at catching crickets than they are rodents. Place a small amount of cornmeal at the center of each trap for bait and set a few traps in offending areas along walls, in corners, near heat and moisture sources, and wherever you’re having problems. They will soon be transformed into ghastly insect graveyards, which make great gifts. If your infestation is small and you’ve worked to pest-proof your home, you won’t need anything more expensive or complicated to control crickets. Once crickets have been eliminated indoors using natural methods, take the necessary measures to keep their kind from making their way inside again. Seal up cracks and gaps, especially around the foundation. Also, clean out areas outside the home where they nest and hide. Remove leaves, brush, and other debris. It is not possible to completely get rid of crickets outdoors, but once their hiding places are removed and openings are sealed, crickets should no longer be a problem inside. For more useful control ideas and assistance, check out our main links here: Auckland pest control 相关的主题文章: