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Wang Qunhang: the fund’s internal FOF always do a little — fund channel Author: Ji An Jinxin Fund Evaluation Center Director Wang Qunhang WeChat public number: wang-qunhang (1) the development of the public offering of previous FOF will have two main forms: first, internal FOF, pure internal FOF, or to self fund as the main investment targets. The internal FOF; second key investment index fund FOF, especially ETF, because we are a serious lack of fund researcher, in this regard, the industry is almost blank. (2) there are many for the United States FOF, early market opinion, the FOF that may not apply to the domestic market, such as the life cycle of FOF, the target date FOF, because the domestic fund has completely failed, the future may not change the subject of investment will be successful, not to mention the location of the investors the product has a lot of defects. Also, the United States those FOF, whether it is in line with China’s legal definition of FOF? That "80%" this strict, clear quantitative standards, we do not know, at least from the current introduction of many of the United States, many of the FOF portfolio has a large number of stocks, bonds, and other types of assets. "Not all the milk is deluxe, similarly, not all the other investment fund products are FOF. (3) management fees, custodian fees, sales charge of these three charges against double charge, which will be issued within FOF on the relevant fund’s enthusiasm, for the related sales channels and hosting enthusiasm greatly. It is important to note that the internal FOF is extremely easy to go on the dead end of the connected fund. From the perspective of the whole industry, internal FOF, never do little. (4) the disclosure of the value of the day again, may require specific targets specific view. If FOF is the subject of investment funds in the venue fund, that is, the FOF is the venue FOF, then, in accordance with the closing price of the net value of the fund to be able to do with the synchronization, whether the need to "re day"? If the FOF is held by other open-end funds, that is, OTC, others are T+1 disclosure of net worth, FOF is "T+2" disclosure, normal. (5) due to the fact that the fund manager of FOF is not able to serve as the fund manager of other funds, the current situation of the industry is: is there such a person? How many? Who wants to do it? FOF fund manager of the fund manager, in the long run, is not appropriate, because doing FOF is also a professional. At present, there seems to be no full-time fund manager to connect the fund. (6) the classification of the Fund: bye bye! (7) closed-end funds, regular open fund: into the FOF portfolio, is the future of things. (8) the size of less than 100 million yuan of small and micro Fund: bye bye! Suggested that the liquidation as soon as possible.相关的主题文章: