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UnCategorized In order to protect machinery from rust and other types of chemical damage, it is important to invest in corrosion resistant coatings. Machinery will wear down much more quickly if it is not protected with these. In fact, statistics support the fact that machinery lasts three times longer when protected from corrosion and other types of destructive abrasion. Protective coatings like those can be made up of a variety of materials. Usually the materials are made of metals, metal alloys, ceramics, or carbides. However, they can also be made out of polymers and synthetic composites thanks to a new development in application technology. Traditionally some had to be applied by dipping the machine parts. Now, coatings can also be applied using a special type of thermal spray. The introduction of thermal spray technology has opened up a whole new world of corrosion resistant coatings. Because the premature degradation of machinery can be dangerous in addition to costly, there are now rigorous requirements in place dictating a required amount of corrosion protection. Trying to meet these requirements has had a positive effect on these types of business. Many more methods of applying corrosion resistant coatings have been developed. Besides dipping and the thermal spray applications, other coating application methods include electroplating, galvanizing, and sherardizing. Using an electroplating application for them introduced the use of zinc alloys. While the zinc alloys provided a great amount of protection, the other metals used to create the alloys became too costly and this process quickly decreased in popularity. Also, using zinc alloys created a lot of toxic waste which violated certain environmental protection policies and became a hassle due to disposal procedures. The galvanization process of applying these is very similar to the dipping method. In the galvanization process, large machine parts are immersed in a hot metal bath, then set out to dry before the machine is put back together. This process should be done before the machine is put together in the first place, otherwise the cost of dismantling the machine becomes an issue. Sherardizing is a method of applying corrosion resistant coatings which resembles a rotisserie with machine parts. The machine parts are heated and rotated in an enclosed environment while zinc powder surrounds them. The zinc powder reaches its melting point and adheres in layers to the machine parts. Applying corrosion resistant coatings with this method works just fine, but limits the coating options to zinc and some zinc alloys. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: