Wenzhou’s jewelry store owner tanxiaoshida buy fake diamond ring lose big-tamiflu

Wenzhou’s jewelry store owner tanxiaoshida buy fake diamond ring on the big pay will not fall off, mostly trap. I heard a teacher Bo, jewelry stores Wenzhou boss for cheap, the results lose big. This is the price you have to: ring, people heart covet petty profits, the purchase of garbage! The middle of this month, the two men holding a "diamond ring" came to Ruian Xianjiang a jewelry store for pawn. "They claim to hand tight, want to sell cheaper diamond ring, but because of some special reasons, unable to produce a certificate of inspection." Ruian City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police, in order to win the trust of the other gold shop owner, has also come up with a fake ID prepared to permit the body". Because men offer very low, the owner of a jewellery shop to the heart, after a series of examinations is correct, then to 2500 yuan price to accept this ring. A few days later, when the jeweler will ring to the professional organizations to identify, was found to be fake, so the police immediately. Check ring how is fake? Handling the police told the teacher "," diamond ring "appearance with a relatively thick layer of platinum, little difference in weight and really cheated the ring, so the store equipment. Ruian police investigation found that this month in Ruian, Longwan, Pingyang and other places, a spate of similar fraud cases. Through the analysis of field monitoring, modus operandi, the police judge may be the same people. September 20th at 8 pm, Jinhua police in a hotel in Yongkang will suspect Momou (36, Cantonese), Wu (45 years old, Guangdong) arrested. According to the primary teacher later learned, currently the police have verified them in Wenzhou at least 3 cases of crime, the value of million yuan. The teacher Beth reminded, pawn, jewelry store encountered low-cost high-quality goods must be more careful, try to let the customer provide pawned invoice or inspection certificate, fill in the customer information should be to verify the identity of true and false, do not covet petty profits suffer a great deal, conditional shops can introduce the latest detection equipment, to prevent fooled cheated.

温州多家珠宝店老板贪小失大 买到假钻戒赔大了上不会掉馅饼,掉的多半是陷阱。老师伯听说,温州多家珠宝店老板因贪图小便宜,结果赔大了。这正是:钻戒低价转你,有人心动不已;贪图蝇头小利,结果买到垃圾!本月中旬,两名男子拿着一枚“钻戒”来到瑞安仙降一家珠宝店要求典当。“他们自称手头紧,想将钻戒便宜卖掉,不过因为一些特殊原因,无法出示检测证书。”瑞安市公安局刑侦大队民警介绍,为了取信金店老板,对方还拿出事先准备好的假身份证来“证身”。由于男子开价很低,珠宝店老板心动了,经过一系列检查无误后,就以2500元价格收下了这枚戒指。几天后,当珠宝店老板将戒指拿到专业机构鉴定后,才发现是假货,于是马上报警。检查过的戒指怎么会是假的呢?经办民警告诉老师伯,“钻戒”外表镀了层比较厚的白金,重量和真戒指差别不大,因此骗过了店里的设备。瑞安警方在调查中发现,本月在瑞安、龙湾、平阳等地,发生了多起类似的诈骗案件。通过现场监控、作案手法等分析,警方判断可能是同一伙人作案。9月20日晚上8时许,民警在金华永康一家宾馆内将犯罪嫌疑人莫某(36岁,广东人)、伍某(45岁,广东人)抓获。据老师伯事后了解,目前警方已查证他们在温州至少作案3起,案值万余元。老师伯提醒,典当、珠宝店遇到低价高质的商品一定要多留个心眼儿,尽量让客户提供典当物品的发票或者检测证书,在填写客户资料时应当面核实身份真假,切莫贪图蝇头小利吃大亏,有条件的商铺可以引进最新的检测仪器,防止上当受骗。相关的主题文章: