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What pants do mice wear more? Most would say duanzai scientists to tell Sohu technology today, Mr. Geek to ask you a serious question: why stick inserted in the butt, chicken Zouqilulai like dinosaurs? "This chicken Zouqilulai dinosaur there! Don’t laugh! This is the serious scientific research! The reason is that the body structure of theropod dinosaurs with modern birds are similar to the chicken butt plug stick, gradually change the position of the center of gravity will lead to more tendency to crouch type walking posture of hindlimb. The study also won the 2015 Ig Nobel prize for biology. The so-called "Nobel" (IgNobel Prizes) is actually an interesting imitation of the Nobel prize, whose name comes from the combination of Ignoble (reputation) and NobelPrize. Some of the judges are the true Nobel prize winners. Its purpose is to select those "at first glance a laugh, after study, set people thinking.". Is simply a group of scholars say duanzai with scientific way for you. The 2016 Ig Nobel prize ceremony just ended at the Harvard University’s Saunders theatre, the organizers from the 9000 nominee Pick 10 teams or individuals, winners not only have a scientific basis, but also absurd and interesting, involves many disciplines such as physics, chemistry and biology. Today, Geek Jun will share with you a few interesting "funny Nobel Award", these scientists forced up, really can not stop the block! Award: Egypt reproductive research mice wear wool pants will be more "sex" has been dead for 9 years AhmedShafik won the Nobel prize funny reproductive glory, he found, wearing different clothes materials the mice mating and reproduction have different effect. When the mouse is put on polyester fiber (polyester) or polyester material pants, will reduce the probability of mating, instead of cotton pants or wool trousers will lead to increase the rate of mating. The researchers to design all kinds of mouse pants in mice, but the research on dressing effect on sexual activity in mice, the majority of people are the first to hear. In order to find the answer, Ahmed at his own expense to 75 male mice wearing polyester fiber pants. In his view, polyester fiber cloth will produce an electrostatic field around the mouse genital organs, the impact on rat mating. Biology: he mixed in the herd life for 3 days this year, the "Ig Nobel prize" biology award to a British guy named Thomas Thwaites. In order to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, to experience the "inhuman life", he chose to become a goat…… Thomas I went to a mountain in Switzerland, wearing similar goat bone structure prosthesis, imitate the goat walking posture, with beard, grass, and a group of lovely goats living together. This picture is too beautiful, you feel free to: in a goat!相关的主题文章: