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"White Snake" opera bone skin is good acting bursting to pinch the lead: the children’s version of "White Snake" you see? Many people say that when looking at "The Legend Of White Snake" was moved to tears, did not think the older child version still moved to cry. All the actors play small but sophisticated acting lily-white skin, really makes people sigh, the Yangtze River, bring forth the new through the old, the waves die on the beach! (source: PClady) the children’s version of "White Snake" whether it is from the story or picture, greatly reducing the classic works. To read people in the portrait of Confucius and Xu Shilin’s blue and white porcelain, pear wood, handed down baby bed Beige fine cotton coat, the White Snake, snake like waves of water overflows golden hill body effects, in this remake version of "White Snake" are all reduced. They are acting like small bone to burst in addition to high reduction degree, are acting like small bone to burst, expression in place, interpretation of vivid, superb acting simply play the explosive entertainment paralysis small meat small artistes who still see this group of childhood friends have been in the interpretation of our childhood in the classic big drama, almost tears trickling down cheeks. The White Lady White Snake who played by Tao Yixi Tao Yixi in the opera "White Snake" in the bone, not only has the taste and appearance, and had played well sing Huangmei Opera, crying scene play, the bursting of the acting thoroughly impressed the 80 and 90 after, hold to watch the mentality of the people have to eat melon in the play cry. Netizens have lamented the White Snake acting, singing, Yan value all online. "Rivers and lakes" in painting people early in the "White Snake" before, Tao Yixi has embarked on a career path, impressive and the beloved "arena" painting, Lu Linxuan’s childhood she played the younger version. Delicate face, full of classical charm, and even friends called the little girl should go to Lin Daiyu! Tao Yixi began to receive professional dance training can be vivid interpretation of the white snake at the age of four, without the accumulation of dance skills. Tao Yixi more than four years old began to receive professional training in the national dance, the age of the transition to hip-hop jazz dance, has won all kinds of dance competition champion of the year five. Body language is vivid and flexible, no wonder the White Snake can be charming or elegant or portray the image in place. Small Xu Xian who plays Zhou Zhiying’s small Xu Xian who plays Zhou Zhiying is not weak, known as the "silver Doll" she can sing, sometimes stay adorable and poor. Whether it is the value of the yen or acting, this class of small actors do not lose adults. Renxiaoguitai with their true state of nature to the interpretation of each character, small bone fully deserve. A pretty face in fact this is the small Xu Xian usual style, round pretty face with wood? Xu Shilin Zhong Yier plays a lot of people think child is only fun nature, in fact, they also have to bear many adults may not be able to withstand the pressure. When the actor selection competition, when filming hard environment and other cosmetic skin destruction…… Not because they are children and mercy. Tao Yixi, when the first time to see the young actor to demonstrate the superb acting, Tao Yixi shed tears of shame, tears big big ~!相关的主题文章: