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Home-and-Family Many people are surprised to learn that San Diego is the perfect place to grow mold in your home and the media has been making a lot of the issue. The truth for your house is best found by a mold inspection San Diego style. The mold problems at two local schools were detailed on Channel 4s San Diego Insider. The story explained that the mold problems at the 2 schools were so bad that they were shut down and destroyed. So just what does make San Diego such an ideal location for mold growth? I interviewed Tim Allison of Allison Property Inspections to get the facts. Tim described that mold exists in the environment all around us but can only grow to dangerous levels under certain conditions. 1. Temperatures from 55-95 are perfect for mold and humans to live in. However, mold can survive freezing temps by going dormant like grass. 2. Relative humidity is best at or above 50% 3. Mold needs plenty of moisture on a consistent basis to thrive. In San Diego homes this usually .es from the home itself in the form of poorly sealed showers and tubs, leaking pipes, and sprinklers hitting a leaky foundation. 4. Food. Mold lives on and feasts on the materials your house is built of; plywood and drywall. Sounds like the San Diego conditions your house is in doesn’t it? You do not need to be as worried as people in Seattle or Savanna where it rains a lot and water is trying to get in from the outside but you do need to clean up your own water sources. Make sure you quickly fix leaks under the sink, bath or anywhere else water can get behind your walls and feed a small amount of mold that was introduced when the house was built. If you do see visible signs of growth and discolorations on your walls and have concerns that they may be a dangerous kind of mold or have unexplained health concerns that you suspect might be from persistent mold exposure then you can have a professional mold inspection of your house. Have your mold inspection San Diego done by someone that holds a certification from NAC2. They are the national certifying body for this type of inspection. Also make sure you do not have the inspection done by a .pany that also provides clean up services as they have a large incentive to do remediation "just in case". About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: