Why Jet 14-inch Jwbs-140s Band Saw Stands Out-running man 20130908

Home-Improvement What I like about JET band saws is that they are well made and provide the bang for the buck. After checking out a few reviews online, I ordered the JWBS-14OS which is by all means a band saw with a cutting capacity of 14 inches. Saw arrived rapidly and the neighborhood trucking organization called me a day ahead of schedule to inquire as to whether they ought to convey it to me out in the boonies, or hold it on their dock so I could lift it up. I lifted it up myself. The saw was stuffed in a Styrofoam clamshell, inside a 3 utilize cardboard box, shrink-wrapped down to a well made bed that fit flawlessly between the wheel wells of my little truck. After arrival, my thirteen-year old offered me some assistance with unpacking the saw and did the vast majority of the installing and assembling. It took the two of us to get the saw up on the stand. I introduced the trunnions and the guide blocks. Assembly was not that big of a deal. The main protestation is that the parts for the stand are circulated between the top and base clamshells and you need to expel the whole saw from the bundling before you can amass the stand. It would have been decent to have the capacity to assemble the stand to start with, then evacuate whatever is left of the saw from the bundling and place it specifically on the stand. I additionally requested a JRB 14 riser square, which gives this saw an additional 6 inches of re-saw limit, given that you have a 105 inches blade be that as it may, and this is effortlessly introduced. I introduce the riser square when I require the additional re-saw limit, yet this is un.mon in my shop, so generally I run the found in its industrial facility arrangement, utilizing the 93-1/2 inches saw blades I have gathered throughout the years. Actually 105 inch blades are more costly and harder to discover, and since introducing the riser shut and changing out the saw blade are both simple occupations, I don’t bother that much utilizing the saw as a part of its lesser limit mode. The blade that .es with this band saw is serviceable for general roughing of machine spaces, cabriole legs, and delicate bends. I did consume it attempting to re-saw 300 straight feet of 6 inch animal barn wood, yet it did well on the initial 295 feet, fizzling simply because I was rushing to .plete, was encouraging the stock too rapidly, and fail to give the saw blade time to cool between cuts. Go moderate, let the blade cool, and stop for a breather from time to time. Keep in mind that it is not a 36 inch ship saw. Pace your work and the saw will remunerate you. Try too hard and the saw will disappoint you. With a decent Woodslicer or Timberwolf edge be that as it may, this saw is a re-sawing evil spirit. With a cautious administrator and a 1/2 inch Woodslicer 3 TPI thin kerf edge, I can get 8 inch wide cuts of hardwood finishes that are prepared for paste up. As a rule, I’d say that for a saw at the base of the 14 inch bandsaw value go, this one is astoundingly well made and I see no motivation behind why it won’t outlast me and wind up in my child or grandkid’s shop sometime in the future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: