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Women’s night hanging emergency department "six hospital patients" is a cat – cat Sohu news arms (circle) the woman appeared in the emergency department for 26 days at 1 am, Chengdu city sixth people’s Hospital of Ophthalmology doctor Huang Yuyi was emergency call up. But let her laugh and cry, "emergency" is actually a cat. Huang Yuyi told each other, the six hospital is a hospital for people to see, can not give an animal to see a doctor, the cat should go to a pet hospital. But the other side said, pet hospital closed, the cat eyes with people’s eyes, why can’t you see? The other party had an argument with Dr. Huang Yuyi. In Huang Yuyi’s repeated explanation, about 10 minutes later, the woman was holding the cat away. Chengdu Daily reporter Yu Zunsu photography reported that 1 am emergency "patient" is a cat 1 at 26 am, Chengdu city sixth people’s Hospital of ophthalmology ward room, call the doctor on duty Huang Yuyi suddenly sounded, "emergency!" Huang Yuyi ran away quickly. Came to the emergency room, Huang Yuyi saw a female patient, ready to check for her, "what’s the problem?" Unexpectedly, the other next words let Huang Yuyi cry, but also some angry. "The cat’s eye is hurt. You have to look at it!" Huang Yuyi then noticed that the more than and 40 year old woman was holding a blue gray cat in her arms. "I look ignorant, cat eyes?" Huang Yuyi told each other, here is a doctor to see a doctor, can not give an animal to see a doctor. The other said, pet hospital closed, cat eyes with people’s eyes, why can’t you see? Huang Yuyi repeatedly explained to each other, pets can only go to the pet hospital. The other side is still repeatedly asked the doctor to see a doctor. No way Huang Yuyi ignored her. "It is early morning, the ward is very quiet, and then go on to quarrel with other patients." Huang Yuyi said, the other is about for nearly 10 minutes, see her resolute attitude, had to give up. And Huang Yuyi thought of it, that night for several hours without sleep. In fact, Huang Yuyi is not the first to be harassed doctor. Prior to the eye ward, the woman also went to the emergency room and the registration room. "When she comes, she says, look at her eyes." Emergency duty doctor Li Yuliang was busy, see the woman did not have severe symptoms, that just consulting. In the hospital monitoring room, Chengdu Daily reporter saw at around 1:08 in the morning, the woman appeared in the night emergency registration fee room, holding the cat, and the staff said excitedly. And the staff on duty out of the window, put two hands. "She said she was going to register the cat." The night doctor said, the woman said the pet hospital closed, let him "ah", "I said you went to the doctor with her, they can’t see!" The doctor hot pet hospital Fei Taigao Huang Yuyi practitioner for 13 years, although there have been a variety of patients, but allow yourself to see what the cat is the first time. "Our hospital is for patients. Animals must carry bacteria, parasites, etc.." Huang Yuyi said, "medical.相关的主题文章: