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"Women are afraid to marry the wrong Lang Tong Chun hit" deep feelings – Errenzhuan Errenzhuan Tong Chun entertainment Sohu deep feelings Tong Jun played the artist Liu Jinzhu Sohu entertainment news recently, directed by Lin Heping, Yan Xuejing, Zhao Jun, Lin Jiachuan, Zhang Yilong, Zhao Shuzhen, Wang Hong, and Tong Jun – Co starred in the drama "emotion of rural women are afraid to marry the wrong Lang" is the Shandong TV, Heilongjiang TV hit, the play tells the moon made a successful career, to establish a new modern rural female image, performance of the rural people’s values of the story. The strength of the actors, the mainland artist Liu Jinzhu Tong Jun. Tong Jun’s childhood dream is when Errenzhuan, actor Tong Jun young, he has a dual card four horn tape recorder at home, can use it to listen to radio stereo radio is a very luxury thing, catch a good show, Tong Chun will advance recorded a listen to 1800 times. "Spring outing" Errenzhuan eight sister Yang was recorded later, Tong Chun also turned it into a digital computer, and now his, now Tong Jun can whenever and wherever possible the entire "spring outing" eight sister yang to back down completely. Tong Chun bluntly, talked about the song and dance duet, childhood new year must go to a barber shop on the mill (then called Barber Room), because the barber shaved, fewer people, so, after the opening of fifth will invite some can sing and dance duet singing Peking Opera artist, on the three day of the five day. At that time I didn’t understand a word, but that will sing very great, everyone was like God, singing it seems to have become another person, but also a change for a while, the person next to see very attentively in perfect silence. Tong Jun also said, turn the handkerchief is one of the unique Errenzhuan, then we can’t afford to buy a real handkerchief turn bottom cushion chair, at the end of the class, whether Affirmative, rectangular, round, thin, thick, all can turn up with a finger, and let them fly in in the classroom, the bell rang couldn’t fly back on the stool pad used to people sitting on the stool pad bottom, now the scene is visible before the eyes. Tong Jun was moved to a profound Errenzhuan Errenzhuan feelings Tong Jun recalls his first buying into the theater is in the 94 year, the winter vacation home from school (at Shandong art school in Weihai), heard near a theater is about 3 dollars a ticket. For the first time with the stage actor with the passions, while smiling faces, while tears. The table in addition to the one or two cap singing is full of ZheZiXi fragments, including a "dou" actor, kneeling on the ground to climb for a long time, eyeful tears, the audience is also not without its touching! In 2000 when the first Jilin Errenzhuan, essay contest, Tong Jun’s essay won the two prize, so it was fortunate to see the excellent performance in the Changchun Errenzhuan theater, a "Royal dream" let me see the highest level of contemporary dance duet, actors and actresses in the drama played by the personalities of the five or six characters, humorous, vivid, touching to shed tears. Tong Jun was lucky enough to listen to Yan Xuejing相关的主题文章: