Yunnan national protected areas to restore 2000 acres of wetlands to attract more than 2 birds winte luonv

The Yunnan national reserve to restore 2000 acres of wetlands to attract more than 2 birds in winter – Beijing, Beijing, Kunming, October 23, (Long Wenchi) in recent years, Yunnan Qujing continue to strengthen the protection of biodiversity, the Huize County crane National Nature Reserve wetland restoration of 2000 acres, 5000 acres of grassland. To improve the environment optimization, make here in addition to black necked cranes, every year attracts more than 20000 waterfowl, birds wintering there. Huize black necked cranes reserve, established in 1990, approved by the State Council in 2006 as a national nature reserve. Reserve is located in Huize County of Yunnan Province in northern areas, a total area of 12910.64 hectares, the main target for the protection of ecological environment and wetland protection area of black necked cranes, wild creature type, is one of the most important wintering black necked cranes China. It is understood that the original due to the changing local water flooded, black necked cranes and other waterfowl habitat of black necked cranes habitat transformation are now being implemented, not only solves the problem of black necked cranes and other waterfowl habitat, but also solve the supplementary food sources. After Qujing city in recent years to protect biodiversity, to secure the national cultural and natural heritage protection facilities construction funds 8 million 950 thousand yuan, 2000 acres of grassland, wetland restoration and protection area of 5000 acres, built in video monitoring system, geographic information system, to carry out the satellite tracking monitoring and banding research. At present, the main object of protection by the 21 black necked cranes found only to the current nearly 1000 crane, more than 500, more than 2500 wild geese, birds were more than 3000, accounting for more than half of the number of population in Yunnan Province, in addition to other types of waterfowl is also quite rich, only there are 15 kinds of geese and ducks the population of the province accounted for 60%. The total number of wintering waterfowl refuge has reached more than 20000, a total of 166 kinds of animal aves, biodiversity has been greatly enriched. Local relevant person in charge. Among the masses increase the propaganda of environmental protection, the establishment of a consensus on environmental protection is very important, it is understood that during the large black necked cranes and other waterfowl wintering on crops caused some damage, people never get any compensation in case of occurrence were not capture the cranes, crane people harmonious coexistence scene everywhere. At the same time, in the discovery of injured or sick crane, the masses can report in time, so that the injured crane can get timely treatment. (end)相关的主题文章: