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Zhao Xiangbin: uncertainty factors to support the market Powei Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Wednesday’s market trend rapidly over the past narrow finishing, especially precious metals and oil price fluctuations, are the rhythm disrupted, looking for broken bits of factors and the judgment of the market outlook has become the focus of the market. Currencies dollar index Wednesday to 94.5 points constitute the bases of the rebound, up around $94.77; at the bottom to adjust the situation by strengthening the trend; the euro dollar fell down in the vicinity of 1.1263 is still in the adjustment this morning opened near the dollar continued to rebound slightly; the pound key resistance exceeded 1.32 points to close at 1.3232 points near the Australian dollar; the dollar stabilized rebound to start up in the vicinity of 0.7613 points in 0.7583 points, near this morning to rebound slightly to 0.7619 points. U.S. dollar yen concussion finishing and no larger performance. Oil prices continued to slump close to $46.8 this morning, also in the vicinity of the adjustment; showing a continued downward trend. The city of gold and silver in 1323 and both fall down in around $18.5; this morning launched a weak rebound to 1326 and around $18.56. Analysis of the factors affecting the market, there are several factors affecting the price of last night. 1, market uncertainty increases, the United States announced last night home sales data is not ideal, only 5 million 390 thousand households, compared with the expected 5 million 510 thousand and the previous value of 5 million 570 thousand per household has a significant downward trend. The data led the market to increase the uneven in quality economic growth uncertainty. 2, the world’s central bank’s main policy makers gather Jackson, the focus of the market in the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen whether the release of interest rate adjustments on the speech of the. Although the market is expected in September the Fed’s monetary policy will halt the troops and wait but recently several Fed members, a relatively hawkish speech on the increase in market expectations. This uncertainty is pushing the United States refers to the rebound. 3, the pound gradually out of the haze after the referendum, the recent rebound in support of good economic data, released on Tuesday August manufacturing export orders hit two years peak. Combined with the July inflation data released last week, the market is gradually restored confidence in the United Kingdom and the pound, London won the gold medal second results also help to improve the national morale of the United kingdom. 4, the world’s largest gold ETF-SPDR positions to maintain the position in front of the near 958.36862 tons for the last two trading days, the overall August ETF positions are still showing the following downward trend. The view of the precious metal is still lack of the main factors: 1 gold and silver situation and the dollar stabilized rebound will constitute a variable effect on the current trend of gold and silver; 2 current lows support Powei will continue to fall, the downward direction is still measured at the end of the trend; leading indicators of 3 silver is playing on the market guide. Analysis of volatility factors and direction of various varieties相关的主题文章: